Fun Fall Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids

Fall is the perfect time to get the family outside to enjoy the cooler weather. The temperatures allow everyone to have fun without sweating or wearing bulky winter coats. It’s time to disconnect for a bit and get the family outside to participate in any of these fall activities.

Fun Fall Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids. Photo: Depositphotos

Attend a Sports Game

A few sports are happening during the fall season. Pack up the family and head to enjoy a baseball game during a sunny fall afternoon. If everyone loves football, then attend a football game. Sports games are fun, all-day affairs that the entire gang will enjoy.

It doesn’t have to be a professional game. College and community sports are just as much fun as professional. Your kids may have fun attending a friend’s sports game and cheering for their friend while checking out a new sport. Plus it may save you a few dollars. Eat all the food, get hyped, and have fun!

Enjoy a Day at the Farm

Is there anything more fun about fall than picking apples from the trees? Or what about spending time weaving between the pumpkins and finding the perfect one to carve? Spend the day enjoying all the goodies and festivities that pumpkin patches and apple farms offer. Get lost in the corn maze, grab a dozen apple cider donuts, and enjoy a hayride around the farm.

Baby standing in the pumpkin patch at Harvest Glow.

Go on a Fall Scavenger Hunt

Find a list online or sit down and create your own list of fall-related items you need to find in nature. Different colored leaves, pinecones, and acorns are all great ideas for the list. Race to see who finds the most—or make the scavenger hunt about who can find everything first.

This outdoor activity is the perfect one to involve your kid’s ride-on car. Ensure they’re following the safety rules as they race against each other.

Get Crafty

While you’re on your scavenger hunt, bring some of the things you find home for crafting. You could even do these crafts at the park (just find a handy picnic table!) or in your backyard. Gather the supplies you need, watch the kids get creative, and then enjoy their fall creations (until it’s time to start Christmas crafts!).

The girls apply Mod Podge and fall leaves to their vases

A few ideas for fall crafts include:

Plan an Outdoor Movie

As the days get shorter, the evenings get darker… which is the perfect time to go to an outdoor movie! Check out movie times at your local drive-in theatre or make a backyard movie theatre and invite your friends over.

Take Family Photos

Summer is a great time to take family photos because everyone looks better in natural light and the kids are generally a bit more willing to be photographed outdoors. Fall is also a great time to take family photos. Depending on the weather, you may still be able to wear shirtsleeves or cute dresses—or you could have fun coordinating hats and scarves for the whole family. Colourful leaves make for a great backdrop to photos, whether you hire a photographer or set up your own camera to capture some family smiles.

Have a Bonfire

Having a bonfire is a wonderful way to enjoy a chilly fall evening. Gather friends and family for a night roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, and chatting around the fire. Look to see if you can spot any constellations in the night sky.

Fun Fall Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids. Photo: Depositphotos

Sit down as a family to create a fall outdoor activity bucket list. Include any of the ideas above to get you started. Have fun, and don’t forget to play in the leaves!

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