10 Creative Baby Memory Book Ideas Just For You

It is impossible for parents to forget a baby’s first cry, first laugh, first walk and so on. Yet as time passes, these memories may fade. Parents have looked at baby’s growing up and wanted time to slow down. That’s where the baby book comes into play. Creating a baby book is one way you can preserve memories and moments of all the minute changes that take place in your baby’s life. Whether you want to document an entire year, record the events of the birth date itself or share your personal words of wisdom, there are endless baby memory book ideas to select from.

While your little one might have given you tons of memories to remember for an entire lifetime, it is great to trace them all right from conception to the point where your baby was nearly a toddler. Here are some important moments you can definitely include in your baby memory book.

10 Creative Baby Memory Book Ideas Just For You.

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From Pregnancy to Birth

Your lovely journey with your baby began right from the moment you discovered you were pregnant. So the memory book should contain all the important junctures of your journey. You can start with a picture of your pregnancy test, weekly maternity photos showcasing your baby bump, ultrasound images, baby shower pics, the nursery at home, heading to the hospital or entering the delivery room and lastly a picture of you next to your new born baby.

Check out my pregnancy updates from my third baby for ideas of little details to include in your baby memory book. It may be fun to include any congratulatory notes about your pregnancy or baby’s birth you received. For example, when we announced our daughters’ births on Facebook and friends and family left hundreds of comments, I managed to print those comments and tape them into the baby memory book.

38 week pregnancy update

Baby’s First Year

One way of putting together a baby photo album is to focus on the first 12 months of their lives. This would normally include photos of their first Easter and Christmas or a scheduled monthly photoshoot to illustrate how much they’ve grown using stuffed animals as props.

You can find adorable baby monthly milestone blankets that help you capture a photo of your little one as he or she grows. Each month, you place baby on the blanket beside the numbers for that month and snap a picture. Comparing the photos is a fun way to see how baby has grown!

Pssst… the Neveo app is a super easy way to create monthly Instagram-inspired magazine-style scrapbooks of all baby’s little moments and milestones. You can even order copies to be sent automatically to grandparents and other family members!

Introduction Page

Don’t forget to include a page with the baby’s newborn shot in the hospital and key information like name, time, date, weight, height. You can also write a story about your little one’s birth such as where you went into labour and the experience of giving birth. Some people hire professional birth photographers to record this time (since you and your husband will be busy with other concerns!).

I hired a doula for my second daughter’s birth. She took a few pictures for us while also offering physical support and comfort through my labour pain. After Lily’s birth, she wrote down her observations of our time in the hospital together. I enjoyed reading her perspective (and finding out some things that I hadn’t noticed when I was in labour) and printed that to include in Lily’s baby book.

Capturing your newborn’s arrival can be very exciting. It’s one of the most important and happiest events in life, and that’s why everyone wants professional images to immortalize it. You can follow these guidelines to get the perfect picture of your little one.

Add Special Milestones

Milestones are important and you don’t want to miss it. Your baby’s first smile, first roll onto their stomach, first time sitting up, first walk are all that can be included in your baby book which you can enjoy many years down the line. You can even mention details and even the time beside each milestone about the development stages of your child.

One easy way to do this is to buy pre-made baby books that include writing prompts or lines for these details. Just remember to pull out your memory book weekly to update it with all these details! I used a cute Winnie-the-Pooh calendar to keep track of Sunshine’s first year and all the activities we did.

Baby's First Year Calendar with all of baby's milestones!

Include Family Members

Including photos of your baby with your family is a great way of capturing moments that will be treasured with them forever. Siblings, grandparents, aunties and uncles all have been a part of the journey. You can add close friends who may not be blood relative but have offered invaluable support in bringing up your child. You may think you’ll remember all the visits and gifts, but often these days after your baby’s arrival are a blur. It’s easy to snap a quick photo with your smartphone for baby’s memory book.

For example, I really appreciated my aunt coming to visit us after Lily’s birth, and treasure a photo of her with Lily asleep on her shoulder. My cousin dropped off a meal for us after Jade’s birth and I snapped a picture of her with all three of my daughters.

Letters from Mom and Dad

Letters have a more personal touch than just photos. In the years to come, your child can read the wise words of his mom and dad, including declarations and dreams for the future. If you’re not sure what to write yourself, consider adding inspiring quotes or words of Scripture that are meaningful to you. They might be specific to the wonder of creating a newborn baby or about the challenges of life’s journey that lie ahead.

Take Professional Photos

As much as it is fun to be clicking pictures of your little one, these usually include just one parent (or just baby). Hiring a professional photographer can help capture moments together. You can either go to the studio or have him visit you at home. Professional photographers know how to capture portraits in the most flattering light and will help you to pose naturally while delivering high-quality images that will have pride of place in your baby album.

10 Creative Baby Memory Book Ideas Just For You.

Baby’s First Birthday

Babies rarely remember their first birthday but it is a special event for parents and family members. You can create a birthday album dedicated to that joyous day. Document the party by including photos of the people who attended, you and baby opening gifts, shots of your baby and the birthday cake and so much more.

Create an ABC Book

Learning their ABCs is a big milestone in a child’s life and you can make it a personalised experience with an ABC baby photo book. You can include images of your little one with specific toys, foods and props that relate to each letter of the alphabet or dress them up in cute bumblebee and tiger outfits.

Add day/week/month labels

Beside every image, you can add a label mentioning how old your baby was. Begin with days and move up to weeks and then months. You can focus on growth by placing him beside soft toys or decorative sheets to show the development of your baby. You can also add details of behind the scenes during that photoshoot or add Scriptures or something meaningful to add a personal touch.

Baby’s First Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year where there is an abundance of joy. Babies and young children have an understanding of these festivities through the events they remember. Documenting your baby’s first Christmas with baby photo ideas like a visit to Santa, decorating the tree or playing in the snow is one way to help them hold on to the holidays.

Baby girl reading a Christmas board book

When planning your baby book, don’t forget to include these essential photos. There are a gazillion ways of making a baby book and the beauty in it is that it’s your story. Whether you scrapbook your baby memory book by hand or use a website to design your photobook online, it’s a reflection of you and your family. Enjoy the memories you are making—and don’t forget to pull out your beautiful book on your child’s birthday to reminisce with them!

Did you create a baby memory book for your child?

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