Baby’s First Year Milestones

For each of my girls, I got a baby’s first year calendar to record their important milestones. Sunshine’s might be more detailed than the others (perks of being first!) but I used a regular wall calendar so it was easy to jot a brief, quick note about what they’d done. Rolled over. Sat up. Held a cup. Waved at Daddy.

Baby's First Year Calendar with all of baby's milestones!

For all three girls, I’ve waited until their 6 month birthday to introduce “solid food” or water. None of them liked bottles before that, even when I attempted pumping for them, so their first attempts to feed themselves came with holding a bottle of water. I loved watching the expressions on their faces as they tasted this strange new substance—so ordinary to us and yet so interesting to them.

We’ve had a constant supply of sippy cups around the house since Sunshine held her first. Jade is now beginning to wean herself and to drink from cups more. I’ve moved all our kids’ dishes into a low cabinet so they can help set the table. When Jade is thirsty, she heads over there to pick out a sippy cup and bring it to me, with a request for milk or juice (her beverages of choice right now).

Weaning Baby from Breast to Bottle

This spring, Tommee Tippee has a new collection of cups to help baby transition from breast to bottle. It includes two feeding bottles and one sippy cup with handles, perfect for small hands to hold. I love the colours of this collection (particularly the green!) and the little spring decorations on the bottles.

Tip It Up Bottle to Cup set from Tommee Tippee

Right now, I’m working on weaning Jade, so we’re using the bottles and sippy cups more than ever. During day, she trots all over the house with her sippy cups, dropping them whenever she finds something more interesting to do, and I’m so thankful for leak-proof lids! At night, she likes to snuggle into bed with a bottle of milk (yes, I know, that’s terrible for oral hygiene but we’ll tackle that milestone next, okay?) and fall asleep (she’s actually been the easiest to wean from evening nursing!). So this collection of sippy cups and bottles if perfect for any baby between 3 months and two years who transitioning from breast to bottle.

There are also other products available for making the weaning process relatively easier. Much baby-friendly tableware has exciting and colorful designs and comes in different forms, like a bunny or a fox. These baby weaning bowls appeal to babies thanks to their unique shape and invite them to start learning how to feed themselves just like mommy, daddy, or big siblings do.

Milestone Memories

This milestone won’t make it onto the first-year calendar, but it’s still fun to flip back through the girls’ calendars and remember those other milestones. Sometimes they pull out their baby books themselves, pointing to pictures and telling each other stories about what they did as babies. They can’t tell each other apart as babies (and they do look very similar in their baby pictures), but it’s fun to hear them bragging about the milestones they don’t even remember.

How do you celebrate your baby’s milestones?

I received compensation and a set of sippy cups for the purposes of this review; all opinions expressed are my own.

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