6 Tips for Building a Healthy Family

In today’s guest post, Wendy shares 6 tips for building a healthy family, from how we eat to how we play together.

We all want a healthy family. Yet having a healthy family does not just mean in good health, fit, and strong. Yes, that is part of it, but having a healthy family means all the needs of the family are of value.

Healthy families give emotional support, compassion, discipline, and understanding. They communicate and strive to understand each other. Each member of a healthy family considers the other members before they consider themselves.

But in this “me first” society where parents feel their child should never want for anything, how do we create this family dynamic?

6 Tips for Building a Healthy Family (guest post)

1. Food: Consider Everyone

Let’s address food first.

Food is essential and it must be the foundation of life. Of course, you should prepare healthy meals and share your meals together as a family as often as possible. But there is one other thing to consider.

One of the things that cause friction in the family is food issues. Maybe Mary has diabetes and must not eat sugar, or Billy needs to eat gluten free. The issue comes in when Dad loves candy and insists on having it around. Mary and Billy feel cheated and like it is unfair that they cannot have this goodie that Dad enjoys so much.

We must be considerate to all members of the family. Maybe Dad can switch to sugar-free and gluten-free candy so everyone can enjoy it. If not, at least buy them some that they can enjoy and everyone is happy. You can look for other healthy, delicious swaps that the whole family can enjoy together.

2. Support Each Other

It is a busy world. Between work and school, family time is limited. When you add in the extra activities kids enjoy, it can be staggering, Sit down as a family and decide how much time and money each person will be afforded for their activities.

Teach the children the value of time and money. If Mary signs up for Dance, show her how buying discount dance supplies will free up some of her allotted money for other things. If Billy wants karate, football, and band, so him where he has exceeded his allotment and allow him to choose what will be cut for now. By teaching your children you support them, they will support you.

3. Enjoy Family Activities

Never go more than two years without taking a family vacation. A family must be committed to each other. They need time to come together as a unit.

Try somewhere that has fun things for every member of the family. For example, Ocean City has great carnival rides, water sports, beaches, and hotels with spas, fitness rooms, comedy clubs, and fine restaurants. The family activities serve the purpose of the vacation and everyone has some “me time” for rest and recovery.

4. Show Appreciation

Teach and learn to appreciate each other and your life. Looking for the good things in life takes practice. We are all quick to find the negative things. This creates a problem in families. We often do not express our pride, gratitude, and appreciation to those very people that make our worlds so special. Make it a family effort to speak positively.

5. Don’t Make a Mistake a Failure

Everyone makes mistakes. Do not make the mistake the end of the game. If families are so harsh when a member makes a mistake the person who messed up will always feel like a failure. A mistake is just a chance to try again.

6. Remember, Love is a Verb

Love is a verb. It is a word of action. It is something you do, no matter how you feel. No matter what you are facing as a family, love each other. Love with actions and caring gestures—the feelings will come and go, but love is forever.

I received compensation for this guest post.

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