50 Things You May Not Know About Me

Let’s get to know each other! Here are 50 things you may not know about me.

50 Things You May Not Know About Me (Bonnie Way).

50 Things You May Not Know about Me

  1. I play golf and hockey left-handed (and do everything else right-handed).
  2. I have a twin brother.  (No, we’re not identical.)
  3. I don’t have a belly button.  (Neither does my mom—we both had surgery to repair belly button hernias.)
  4. Once upon a time, I could shoot ten shots from a pair of six-shooter pistols in ten seconds.
  5. My first “real” job was as a cashier at a local gas station.
  6. My favourite cold summer drink is a caramel frappucino at Starbucks.
  7. I’ve ridden a camel.
  8. I’ve driven a quad.
  9. I’ve never broken any bones.
  10. I can drive standard and prefer it to automatic.
  11. I’ve never watched or read Harry Potter or Twilight.
  12. The only team sport I’ve ever played is rugby and I only played one game.
  13. I’ve never owned a TV (and grew up without a TV too).
  14. I don’t like beer.  Not even chocolate beer or maple beer.
  15. I am not allergic to anything.
  16. My all-time favourite movies are Shrek, Shrek Two, and Shrek Forever After.
  17. My favourite flower is the tiger lily.
  18. My mom sewed my wedding dress.
  19. I’ve only stayed up until midnight on New Year’s Eve once.
  20. I’ve ridden in a helicopter.
  21. I paid for my university tuition for my first degree entirely by myself (all four years of it).
  22. I graduated university with an almost-perfect GPA (a couple A- marks in first year wrecked my 4.0 grade).
  23. I like haggis.
  24. I’ve only been to four of Canada’s ten provinces (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario).
  25. I homeschooled grades 1 through 12.
  26. I’ve read through my Bible from Genesis to Revelations more than once. (Currently I prefer to listen to Fr. Mike Schmitz read it in his Bible-in-a-Year podcast.)
  27. I wrote my first novel when I was fourteen. (No, it’s never been published. It and its sequels need some heavy rewriting.)
  28. I sing off-key.
  29. I don’t like nail polish on my fingernails (but I love pedicures).
  30. I don’t like wearing socks.
  31. My spice rack is alphabetized.
  32. My book shelves are also alphabetized by author’s last name and organized by genre.
  33. I started this blog in 2006, pre-marriage and pre-kids. (So far, it’s lasted longer than my marriage.)
  34. I’ve read all six of Jane Austen’s novels.
  35. Ich sprechen ein bischen Deutsch. (I speak a little bit of German.)
  36. I like rock climbing.
  37. My parents are divorced.
  38. I enjoy country music.
  39. I didn’t go to an amusement park or ride a roller coaster until I was an adult and took my kids to Cultus Lake Adventure Park.
  40. I can play violin (a little bit) and piano (a little bit).
  41. My parents didn’t let me get my ears pierced until I was sixteen (and yes, I waited until I had their permission).
  42. I hiked forty kilometers in two days during one May long weekend.
  43. I like to cross-stitch.
  44. The first time I kissed a guy was on my wedding day.
  45. I’ve had a kidney stone twice.  (They are worse than having a baby.)
  46. I had braces as a teenager.
  47. I’ve never smoked anything.
  48. I’ve been to one football game, one baseball game, and one hockey game.
  49. My younger three children were born at home.
  50. I’ve only traveled to three countries outside Canada: Australia, Scotland, and the USA.

What would appear on your list of 50 things?

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