4 Reasons Your Kids Should Go to Summer Camp

Summer camp is an experience unlike any other. Children learn new things, become independent, improve their social skills, and face different challenges. Your children are only young once, so give them the summer they will never forget. Consider these reasons your kids should go to a summer camp.

4 Reasons Your Kids Should Go to Summer Camp.

Try New Things

There are many things a camper learns. Even the most seasoned campers experience something new. Whether your child is going to a day camp to learn a specific skill (like bike riding) or attending an overnight camp with wider experiences, they’ll have a great time.

Sending your kids off to camp for the first time can be scary—for you and for them! Whether it’s a half day camp, full day camp, or overnight camp, there may be fears and anxieties to overcome. Talk it over with your kids ahead of time to help them get excited about the experience and have a small idea about what to expect there. If an older sibling has attended before them, or a friend is going along too, that can help ease anxiety.

Camp is a fun experience for kids, as they learn new hobbies and skills and make new friends. Encourage your child to look into the different activities the camp has to offer and challenge them to try something new—they may find a new favourite hobby or activity. Additionally, exploring resources like Campsi can be helpful to find summer camps easily with just a click, providing a convenient way to discover a wide range of options tailored to your child’s interests.

More Time to Be Independent

As children discover independence, they relearn it as well. Even as kids grow, there are moments where both the parents and kids need time to themselves to discover their passions and focus on their well-being.

While the kids are off at camp, you can focus on achieving your goals or starting a business around something you love. Additionally, it gives you and the kids a lot to talk about when they return from camp.

Try something new this summer while the kids are gone—go for a hike, do some self-care, or travel somewhere for the weekend. The world is your oyster, so explore to your heart’s content!

Developing Social Skills

Developing social skills is key to children developing emotional intelligence. In other words, they learn how to communicate in a way that’s appropriate to every situation. Additionally, it helps them differentiate right from wrong.

One of the things that kids develop under the social umbrella is leadership. No matter what type of leader your child becomes, they create a more compassionate understanding of why they’re helping someone out or encouraging another to climb up a rock wall or jump off the diving board.

Many camps allow older campers to return as leaders or counselors. My oldest daughter has been attending the same week-long girls’ summer camp for the last five years. This will be her first year as a leader-in-training and she’s super excited about that.

Facing New Challenges

Camp is a safe space for kids to make healthy mistakes and learn from them. They’ll make amazing memories that will last the rest of their lives. Many campers learn things from games like gaga ball, the best inclusive game that fosters the development of strategy, teamwork, and communication. Or maybe they’ll be able to sing the camp song they made up five years ago or reminisce about going down the slip-n-slide coated with shaving cream.

Kids learn a lot about themselves and how to develop into well-rounded individuals at camp, which is why you should send your child to summer camp. They can create better bonds with family and friends while away, allowing them to discover things about themselves and develop new skills.

Where to Find Great Summer Camps

To find the perfect summer camp for your child, talk to your friends about where their kids have gone to camp. Watch for ads from your local church or recreation centre. Search for camps by googling your child’s interest plus your city—for example, “soccer camp Vancouver.”

For summer camps in Metro Vancouver, browse these lists:

Many of those organizations may have summer camps in other locations as well.

Finally, book your child’s summer camp early! Many camps book up quickly so if you want to guarantee your camper a spot, you’ll need to plan your summer several months in advance.

What do you think are the best reasons kids should go to summer camp?

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