MELT His Stress Away with a Massage this Valentine’s Day!

He comes home from work tired and grumpy. Maybe he missed a deadline. Maybe his boss barked at him all day. Maybe he works a physically demanding job that leaves him exhausted at the end of the day. However your husband provides for your family, his job likely involves some sort of stress (maybe more often than not). This Valentine’s Day, melt away his stress with a massage.

Don’t think this has to be long and complicated. A massage can be as simple as a five-minute scalp routine or as long as you want to make it. Learn all the routines and techniques with the MELT: Couples Massage Course. Instructor Denis Merkas is a professional massage therapist who developed the MELT routines to impress his wife, Emma.

Melt Couples Massage Courses are a great Valentine's Day idea!!!

In less than twenty minutes, you can learn a simple massage routine for your husband. If he wants, he can return the favour! You can watch the videos together and follow along. Or you can watch the video on your own and then surprise your husband when he gets home from work (or when the kids are all in bed).

As you get better at massaging, you can learn longer, more in-depth routines. The MELT videos are easy to follow and build upon each other. Move from the basic techniques for a 5-minute back rub to the advanced techniques of a 30-minute massage. Besides helping to smooth away the stress of the day, massages are a great way to connect (with or without words!). If his love language (or yours) is physical touch, then this shouts I LOVE YOU. Plus, learning something new together as a couple is always fun.

Learn the art of the perfect back rub... with expert online massage videos: MELT

My husband and I have done several of the MELT videos together. Each video is beautifully shot (steal ideas for your own romantic massage from the background!). There is no nudity involved; every video is PG. My husband has often struggled with tight muscles in his shoulder and neck. Early in our relationship, when I’d try to give him a shoulder rub, I’d end up with sore hands before doing him any good. Thanks to Denis’ tips, I’ve learned how to get at his tight spots without wearing myself out.

I think the best part about these videos is that they are available when you are. You don’t have to worry about getting a babysitter to sign up for a course or (if you don’t have kids yet) coordinating your schedules to make it to a class on time. Just pick a time, pick a technique to learn, and you’re good to go. You can watch the videos on any device.

If you’re planning a weekend away for Valentine’s Day, take your tablet or smartphone and do a massage. If you can’t get away, have a date night at home. Get a bottle of wine, chocolates, flowers, candles, your favourite music—or just turn the lights down low and let your hands do the talking.

Learn the art of the perfect back rub... with expert online massage videos: MELT

This year, Melt is hosting a special invitation-only sale on their videos AND their new massage oil. You can get the Melt MasterClass series plus the Bonus Foot Rub Videos for only $99. If you buy the Melt Massage oil, you’ll get an extra 20% off the Valentine’s Day Bundle. Everything you need to start giving each other massages, right away.

How the Valentine’s Day invitation-only sale works:

  • register for the sale (there’s no obligation to buy) BEFORE February 7th
  • receive an exclusive price on the oil bottle – it’ll never be this cheap again!
  • review the oil on Amazon and get 20% off the Valentine’s Bundle – SAVE $44
  • offer ends Feb 14 or if bottles sell out

The Melt Video Massage Series Overview:

The Basic Series—This series starts with correcting some of the most common massage mistakes and showing you the foundations of your massage with long, sweeping strokes. You watch the short videos with a technique or tip in each, and it ends with a 5 minute follow-along massage routine.

The Highlights Series—This is where things start to get really good! You learn to look for the sore spots on each other’s bodies and how to work them. The neck, shoulders, lower back, arms, head… you’ll find places you didn’t even know that were sore! After you learn the 9 techniques from this series, there’s a 15-minute massage routine to follow along to. Hands still don’t hurt!

The Deep Tissue Series—So many people, myself included, love Deep Tissue stuff but it shouldn’t be over-emphasized. Denis leaves these tips to the very end for good reason, but they are such good techniques. It ends with an epic 30-minute massage follow along massage routine.

Interested? Drop by the website to learn more and order your videos! (Another bonus—it’s easy to surprise your husband with this because you can shop from home and it’s not going to arrive in a big package to arouse his suspicions!)


I received compensation for this post but all opinions expressed are my own; I bought the Melt Massage videos a few years ago and have enjoyed doing them with my husband.

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