5 Favourite Norwex Products for a Cleaner Home!

I was first introduced to Norwex cleaning products shortly after my oldest daughter was born. When a friend told me that I could clean my home without using harmful chemicals, I was in! I’ve been using Norwex ever since and still love their products because they work so well! I’m proud to be a Norwex Independent Sales Consultantand thought I’d share my five (current) favourite Norwex products with you.

5 favourite Norwex products for a cleaner home.

This post contains links to my Norwex website. Feel free to browse for more information about the products I talk about here. If you purchase any products, I’ll receive a commission. Please note: I’m a Canadian consultant and can’t ship Norwex products to the US.

Favourite Norwex Products #1: The Mop System

When I cleaned house for a neighbour lady as a teenager, she had me wash her floors by hand with a rag and a bucket. It was the best way to get them clean, she said. I wish I could’ve introduced her to the Norwex mop system. It makes clean floors a breeze.

One of my favourite Norwex products: the superior mop system

The Norwex mop comes with detachable microfiber pads. One yellow, soft pad is for dry mopping (or sweeping) floors. With quick, figure-8 strokes, you can cover a lot of floor and get ALL the dirt, including the dust bunnies that usually run from a broom and the fine sand that brooms never quite pick up.

The second pad is for wet mopping, with a similar stroke. Because the dry mop pad has picked up all the dirt on the floor, the wet mop just needs to get any spills. It’s not pushing around more dirt on the floor and so floors come out cleaner. No floor cleaners required—water gets your floors sparkling clean every time!

Then you can toss both pads in the laundry, so that next time you sweep or mop, you know you are starting with a clean mop. Dirty, gross mop pads are a thing of the past, as is wondering where the broom has been and what dirt it is now spreading around your floor.

The other thing I like about the Norwex mop system is the adjustable handle. I’m tall. I can adjust the handle up to the right height for me, so that I’m not bending over to sweep or mop. My kids are short. I can leave the handle short for them, so they can help mop or sweep without knocking each other out or banging pictures off the walls. Perfect for everyone!

Favourite Norwex Products #2: Laundry Detergent

I first heard about fillers in laundry detergent when I began using cloth diapers. Most powdered detergents contain fillers, which is why you use heaping cups of it in your laundry. These fillers clog the fibers cloth diapers, making them less absorbent. A natural detergent is thus recommended if you want your diapers to last very long. Norwex is my favourite.

Norwex laundry detergent is ultra-concentrated and contains no harsh chemicals, fillers, or scents.

Norwex laundry detergent works with hard or soft water and HE or regular washing machines. You need only about a teaspoon of detergent for a regular load, so one bag of detergent lasts a long time.

The laundry detergent is unscented, which my husband and mother-in-law (who are sensitive to scents) appreciate. It also doesn’t contain any other harsh or dangerous chemicals. I’ve come to appreciate having a chemical-free laundry room. Now, when I do laundry at my mom’s place, I dislike the smell of her detergent because I’m so used to the unscented, clean smell of my own laundry.

NEW: Norwex now has a liquid laundry detergent as well. I gave it a try and fell in love! It comes in a small bottle (because it’s ultra-concentrated, like many Norwex products) with a squirt top. Simply squirt 2-3 times into your washing machine (depending on load size) and add clothes. No more messy measuring cups, no more spilled laundry powder!

Norwex liquid laundry detergent.

Favourite Norwex Products #3: Kitchen Cloths

When we moved into our new home this spring, I bought myself a housewarming present: the Norwex kitchen cloths and towels. I absolutely hate the smell of dirty dishcloths. I hate smelling it on my hands or using a cloth in the kitchen that smells this way. That scent is usually caused by bacteria in the cloth. Norwex cloths contain antibacterial silver, which kills all bacteria and thus prevents that dirty-dish-cloth odour.

I also use the Norwex dish cloth, which is for scrubbing dishes. This cloth is like a net. It has great scrubbing power but because it is thin, dries quickly and thus doesn’t get smelly either. The kitchen cloth is microfiber and is meant for washing counters and tables. And the kitchen towels are also microfiber, meaning that they are very absorbent—perfect for when I’m working in the kitchen and washing my hands lots between handling various foods.

Favourite Norwex Products #4: Micro Cleaning Hand Pads

One of my favourite Norwex cleaning products: Norwex Micro Cleaning Hand PadsWhen my husband and I moved into our first apartment after our wedding, we had a mattress and a box spring but no headboard. By the time we moved out a year and a half later, the wall above our bed was black with scuffs and scrapes. Both of us apparently liked throwing our arms over our heads while sleeping, and our rings marked the wall. I dreaded cleaning that wall and worried we’d lose our damage deposit if I didn’t.

Then I remembered the Micro Cleaning Hand Pads that a friend had given me. They worked like an eraser on pencil. The marks were gone, the wall spotless, everyone happy.

Since then, I have pulled out my Micro Cleaning Hand Pads again and again. With kids in the house, I’ve had plenty of things to wash off the walls, furniture, and other surfaces. The Micro Cleaning Hand Pads work on any hard surface.

These also work on Sharpies! I’ve gotten Sharpie off my kitchen table using the Micro Cleaning Hand Pads (without damaging the table). Then my two-year-old decided to colour in one of her little board books with a Sharpie. I thought I’d have to throw the board book away, but decided to try the hand pads first. They scrubbed the Sharpie right off, leaving the board book as good as new!

Recently, I found a new reason to love them. They also take off the sticky residue of Value Village price tags. These price tags are the absolute worst (to prevent theft, my husband tells me). I dislike price tags on my things about as much as I dislike the smell of dirty dishcloths. A few months ago, he came home with two pictures from Value Village. I tried to pick at the price tags to no avail. Finally, I pulled out the Micro Cleaning Hand Pads. It didn’t take much effort to scrub off the price tag.

Favourite Norwex Products #5: Pet to Dry

The Pet to DryOne of my favourite Norwex cleaning products: The Norwex Pet to Dry is our newest favourite product. I received the Pink Pig when I signed up as a Norwex consultant this fall. The girls adore it! Our Pink Pig hangs in the bathroom. It’s a fun, bright reminder to them to wash their hands after using the washroom. And with three girls in the house, they are often running to the bathroom.

The microfiber in the pig is super absorbent, so it feels dry even when they’ve all been through the bathroom one after the other. Plus, it’s got the Norwex BacLock in it, so I know that the any bacteria left in the cloth is going to get killed, instead of getting spread to the next girl who wipes her hands dry.

The Pet to Dry comes in four fun colors: Yellow Tiger, Grey Kitten, Brown Bear, and Pink Pig. It’s a great way to talk with your kids about proper handwashing.

There you have it—my five (current) favourite Norwex products. It was hard to narrow my list down to five!!! There are quite a few new products in the Norwex catalogue that I’m excited to try out, and old products that I haven’t needed before which I do now.

Have you tried any Norwex products in your home? Which are your favourite Norwex products?

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