Toys to Keep Your Dog Entertained for Hours

If you leave your dog at home for any period of time, then you will be aware of what happens when they are bored. Not only can they find it hard to sleep, but they can also sometimes be destructive, chewing furniture and other items around the home.

To prevent this, you need to keep them entertained while you are out so they won’t damage anything. Plus, it will make them sleepy which will make being alone easier for them as well.

Here are some of the toys you can use to keep your dog entertained for hour after hour.

Toys that Will Keep Your Dog Entertained for Hours on End. Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash.

Squeaky Toys

Lots of dogs love squeaky toys, although you might not love the noise quite so much. However, they can keep a dog entertained for a long time, so having them around when you go out will help to stop your pooch from getting bored. If you only give them the toy when you go out, then you don’t have to listen to the annoying noise!

If you are going to invest in some of these toys, it is a good idea to research the available dog products online. You want a toy that will be entertaining for your dog, but you should try to avoid toys with stuffing as this can come out when they play.

The tougher the toy you can find, the longer your dog will likely play with it. You also want one that has different textures and sounds to keep them interested.

Chew Toys

Chew toys offer a number of benefits for your dog. Not only are they great for teething puppies, but they are also stimulating when food is used with them. Toys such as the Kong chew toy are designed to hold treats inside that your dog has to get out. This can keep your dog entertained for some time and stimulate them to make them sleepy.

There are various designs and strengths of chew toys, so you need to select the right one for you. Big dogs will likely damage a small soft chew toy, so for them, you need the extra tough types. The packaging will usually tell you how tough they are and what size of dog they are for.

If you find that your dog is finding the treats too easily, then you can always make it a bit more difficult by hiding the toy somewhere they can access. This will add another dimension that will make the game even better for them.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are arguably the ultimate entertainment for dogs. The puzzle toy is designed to mentally stimulate your dog to solve puzzles in order to earn a reward. These rewards are often in the form of a treat, and it has to be something your dog really likes, otherwise the incentive will wear off after a little while.

There are many types of puzzle games out there and they are all designed to be used by the dog either with their mouth or their paw. It is a good idea to first use the puzzle while you are there. Then you can see if your dog is interested in it and if they can solve it.

These types of toys don’t always work with all types of dogs, so it is best to let them try them before you leave them with them. Also, some highly intelligent breeds will solve the puzzle quickly so won’t get the stimulation you want.

Toys that Will Keep Your Dog Entertained for Hours on End. Photo by Jesper Brouwers on Unsplash

Automatic Ball and Treat Dispensers

If your dog loves chasing a ball, then an automatic throwing machine could be ideal for them while they are alone. They need to learn to place the ball in the top of the machine, it will then shoot the ball out for your dog to chase.

Once your dog has mastered the toy, they will use it repeatedly which will also make them tired and help them to sleep.

Another toy is the automatic treat dispenser. These can be attached to a camera so that you can watch your dog and call for it to come over from an app on your phone. You can then instruct the dispenser to give your dog a treat. Some can also be programmed to dispense treats at certain intervals to keep your dog occupied.


Keeping your dog entertained while you are out is important if you want to ensure they won’t be destructive while alone. It is always a good idea to test these toys while you are there to test their effectiveness and ensure your dog will be occupied while you are gone.

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