Bake Dog Treats

This January, my mom got a puppy. He’s a Wheaton Terrier and it’s been kinda fun to see him grow up in the three visits we’ve had with him over the past year. Despite his high energy, he’s really good with the girls and they absolutely love him—especially Jade. In fact, when my mom came to visit us in September, all Jade talked about was “When Toto coming?” So I thought the girls would have fun making Frodo (his real name) a treat.

Bake dog treats

Supplies needed:

  • flour
  • graham crackers
  • rolled oats
  • chicken bouillon granules
  • cheddar cheese
  • peanut butter (or corn syrup)
  • apple sauce

Hop over to Ordinary Lovely for the complete instructions (and pictures!) for this craft.

Cost: $5-10

Difficulty: intermediate (suitable for ages 5+ with help)

31 Days of Useful Kids' Crafts

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