Our “New” Vehicle

Two weeks ago, we came home to this:

Red Dodge Durango Sport after accident

Someone tried taking a wide flat-bed truck down our narrow residential street and scraped past our Dodge Durango. Thankfully, the neighbour heard it happen and came out to see what was going on, so the guy left his information. ICBC decided to write off our truck and we were left looking for a new family vehicle.

My husband spent hours researching used 7- and 8-passenger vehicles in Vancouver while I thought about how we use our vehicle and what we want if we’re getting another one, and decided to join the ranks of moms driving minivans.

So last night, we came home with this:

Blue Chevrolet Venture minivan

The girls are delighted. Jade likes the fact that the minivan is blue, her favourite colour (perhaps because it’s easy to say). The girls like the space and how easy it is to get into the back. So do I. My husband liked the price. And so we are off on new family adventures with our “new to us” vehicle.

Car seats inside Chevy Venture minivan

P.S. If you’re curious… it’s a 2003 Chevy Venture that seats seven and has car seat anchors.

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