Top Ten Questions to Ask a Woman Pregnant with Triplets

When a woman is pregnant, it seems everyone—from friends to strangers—has a question to ask her.  I’ve talked about the top three questions I got asked during my pregnancies, but my friend Sarah de Diego from Journeys of the Zoo, who was pregnant with triplets, got even more questions.  Today, we’re swapping guest posts for each other.  I’m writing about growing up in the country over at Journeys of the Zoo and she’s here to share a little bit about what it was like to carry triplets…

While pregnant with The Kids, I heard my fair share of unsolicited comments.

Carrying around a litter of beings (three to be exact) appears to have a strange effect on people.

It tends to make them check their mind at the door and say “silly” things. I’m being kind, this is a family blog.

Seeing as I’m a lover of all things “Top Ten,” I thought I’d give you the goods on what people came up with.

Top Ten Questions to Ask a Woman Pregnant with Triplets

10. Is there a history of triplets in your Family?

9. You remind me of that Octomom.

8. Will you dress them all the same?

7. Are you sure that the boy and girl aren’t identical?

6. My friend was a twin.

5. You’ll be busy, you better rest up now.

4. I always dreamed of having Triplets.

3. You’re huge. Imagine how big you’ll be in x number of weeks.

2. Planning on breastfeeding? You know you only have two breasts.

and the #1 comment I heard…

1. How did that happen?

Cue music.

Might be time for schools to re-evaluate their sex-ed curriculum and actually teach people about sex!? After hearing comment #1 for the 4,567th time, we got creative and came up with some responses. Most of them would make my father blush so leave a comment with your email address if you really want to know.

One that I can share was, “Don’t drink the water in [town]”.

Fooled them every.single.time.

What would you want to know?

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