Essential Breastfeeding Accessories for the Modern Mom

Being a new mom is one of life’s greatest joys, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. One of those challenges is figuring out the ins and outs of breastfeeding. While it’s a natural process, that doesn’t mean it always comes easily. The good news is that there are plenty of handy accessories designed to make breastfeeding simpler and more comfortable for both mom and baby.

So, what are the must-have breastfeeding gadgets these days? Let’s take a look at some brilliant problem-solvers that modern moms swear by.

Essential Breastfeeding Accessories for the Modern Mom. Photo of woman nursing a baby via AdobeStock.

Nursing Pillow

First up is the nursing pillow. This cleverly designed cushion helps prop up your little one at the perfect height while feeding. It wraps around your waist, taking pressure off your arms and back so you can relax during those marathon nursing sessions.

A good nursing pillow is worth its weight in gold. Without one, it’s all too easy to end up with a crick in your neck or your arm falling asleep from constantly adjusting positioning. With a nursing pillow doing the work for you, feeding time becomes much more enjoyable for both of you.

One of my friends spent much of her breastfeeding time knitting things for her home and baby, thanks to the support of the nursing pillow. I enjoyed reading while nursing, whether I was reading about motherhood or catching up on my coursework for university.

Nursing Cover

Whether you’ll be breastfeeding at home or out and about, a nursing cover is a handy privacy solution. These clever aprons drape over your chest area, allowing baby full access while keeping everything discreet. Soft, breathable fabrics make them comfortable for endless wearing.

Many moms appreciate the confidence boost of a nursing cover, especially in the early days before feeding becomes second nature. And they’re so easy—most slip on like an apron without any complicated fasteners. Simple but so practical!

If you like wearing shawls or scarves, these also make great nursing covers. Plus, these can be part of your wardrobe long after you’ve weaned your baby.

Breast Pump

While breastfeeding accessories center around feeding the baby directly, there’s one key product aimed at extracting milk for bottle use: the breast pump. Pumping allows you to build up a milk supply to feed the baby when you’re at work, letting someone else take over feeding duty, or simply giving those over-taxed breasts a break.

From small manual designs to heavy-duty electric pumps, there’s a huge range to choose from based on your needs. Hospital-grade rentals are an option for establishing supply or treating issues like engorgement. Many insurance plans cover the cost, too. Just be prepared—using a pump can take some getting used to!

Milk Storage Bags

So once you’ve pumped all that liquid gold, you’ll need a way to store it safely. This is where breast milk storage bags come into play. These handy plastic pouches feature tailored spouts for clean, spill-proof transfers and are clearly dated so you can easily track when each batch was pumped.

Look for double-zippered bags and leak-proof seams to avoid any dreaded spills or leaks. Milk storage bags can be frozen for months, too, so you can squirrel away a nice little milk stash even working full-time. Easy pumping to thawing to feeding – what’s not to love?

Nursing Pads

One little-discussed side effect of breastfeeding is leakage. Yes, those hormone changes can lead to unexpected milk dribbles between feedings. Awk-ward!

Enter the humble nursing pad. These liners fit discreetly inside your bra to absorb any stray drops before they can soak through your top. They’ll save many embarrassing moments and lots of time spot-cleaning clothes.

Depending on your preference, you can get either disposable nursing pads or reusable bamboo pads. Disposable pads are usually slight more absorbent, while reusable pads can save you money and reduce your waste.

Nursing Bras

Arguably, the most important clothing item for breastfeeding moms is a good nursing bra. These specially designed undergarments feature flap openings or detachable clips, allowing you to quickly pull out a breast for feeding without all sorts of awkward undressing.

Comfort is key when picking nursing bras. Stretchy, breathable fabrics will feel so much better on your tender breasts than underwires or lace. Most importantly, get professionally fitted so you buy the right size for your new mom’s body. Your girls will thank you!

Lotion and Pads

Brace yourself—breastfeeding isn’t exactly gentle on those delicate nipples, especially at first. That’s why keeping a good nipple lotion or cream on hand provides much-needed soothing relief between feedings.

Likewise, hydrogel nursing pads create a cool, moisture-sealed environment to nurse sore, cracked nipples back to health faster. These simple self-care supplies help breastfeeding stay enjoyable instead of something to be dreaded.

Nursing Clothes

Of course, easy breast access means rethinking your whole wardrobe, too. Nursing tops and dresses feature soft, stretchy necklines or discreet boob openings for seamless feedings. Even nursing sleepwear and loungewear exist now, making middle-of-the-night sessions so much simpler.

When selecting nursing clothes, look for easy pull-aside or clip-down access panels. Fuss-free is the name of the game! Pretty patterns are a nice mood booster, too.

Essential Breastfeeding Accessories for the Modern Mom. Photo of mom nursing baby behind three bottles on a table via AdobeStock.

Whether you’ll be nursing for weeks or years, establishing a smooth routine with the right accessories is key. From preparing with nursing bras and tops to collecting pumped milk and soothing sore spots, these brilliant little problem-solvers make breastfeeding so much more comfortable and manageable.

At the end of the day, the goal is simple – ensuring great nutrition and bonding between mother and baby. With smart accessories by your side to handle the little headaches, you’ll be free to enjoy the irreplaceable joys of this special time.

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