The Orphan King by Sigmund Brouwer

One knight without horse or armour. One boy, known as a pickpocket. One girl, deaf and mute. And Thomas, the fourteen-year-old boy who saved them from the gallows and has one mission: conquer Magnus, the unconquerable castle.

As they journey across the English moors together, it soon becomes apparent that only the pickpocket is what he seems; the rest carry secrets about themselves and their destination—secrets they will die to protect as they wait to see what happens to Thomas.

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The Orphan King by Sigmund Brouwer

The Orphan King takes readers back to Medieval England, to the time of knights and castles, gallows and superstitions, monks and druids. With his flair for suspense and impeccable attention to historical detail, Brouwer spins a story that keeps the reader turning pages to find out whether Thomas succeeds at his impossible mission.

And while that question is answered for us, the end of The Orphan King leaves readers with as many questions as Thomas has—who is the deaf and mute girl? Who is the knight? And most importantly, who can Thomas trust?

For me, this book was a fun journey down memory lane. I first met Thomas in the pages of Wings of an Angel, the first book in Brouwer’s young adult Winds of Light series. In an Author’s Note, Brouwer explains that “much of that original story from twenty years earlier remained untold. I’m grateful with The Orphan King to have the chance to return and begin exploring all that happened in the intricate battle of two great forces, each facing the necessity to remain hidden from the society around it.”

I’m equally happy to have the chance to return and explore this story again and looking forward to finding out what happens to Thomas next in Fortress of Mist.

Enter a medieval world of love and chivalry,
of ancient secrets,
an evil conspiracy, noble knights
and a mysterious castle called

The Orphan King is a young adult novel. It’s a quick, easy read that will draw tweens and teens into the drama of the Middle Ages. Young readers will identify with Thomas’ coming-of-age story. And while, at fourteen, Thomas would have been considered a man in the Middle Ages, he can still inspire readers today with the idea that even young people can make a difference.

More about Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund Brouwer is the author of nearly thirty novels, including The Canary List, Flight of Shadows and Thief of Glory. He is married to Canadian recording artist Cindy Morgan. They have two daughters and divide their time between Nashville, Tenessee, and Red Deer, Alberta. He has won the Christy Book of the Year and the Arthur Ellis award, as well as being nominated for two TD Children’s Literature Awards and the Red Maple Award. To find out more about Brouwer and his books, drop by his website.

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