Men with Beards

When I was growing up, my dad always had a beard. Not even my mom knew him without his beard. He grew it during university and never shaved it after that. As a little girl, I would climb into his lap to get a whisker rub. I liked his beard a bit long and bushy, as it was softer for whisker rubs that way. His office demanded that he appear trim and professional, however, so he made regular trips to the barber.

When I started university, I noticed one of my fellow students right away. He had curly black hair and a thick black beard. Apparently he noticed me too, as he was sitting in front of me during the next class and afterwards turned around to introduce himself. The rest, you may say, was history. We studied and hung out together at university, kept in touch when he transferred universities, and started dating the year we both graduated.

During that time, I saw him completely clean-shaven only once. I had to give him a second glance when he walked into our English class one morning, sans beard and with a hair cut as well. But the beard grew back again in a week, as he didn’t like shaving. By the time we started dating, he waffled between a goatee and a beard. My preference for his beard and his preference for not shaving has caused the beard to keep growing.

After we got engaged, I sent a picture of him to my uncle, who hadn’t yet met him. My uncle commented that my father’s choice in facial hair had influenced my choice of men. After receiving the wedding invitation with a picture of us in it, one of my dad’s university friends commented to my dad, “Is he a man after your own heart? He certainly looks like a man after your own appearance.” I laughed.

I don’t know how Dad answered that email. He hasn’t liked my fiancé since we started dating. But they have more in common than just their beards. My dad took us to church every Sunday and taught us to believe in God; my fiancé knows what he believes and tries to live it. My dad is a do-it-yourself handyman; my fiancé can put together a computer, fix a vehicle, or assemble a bookshelf. My dad can start a conversation with anyone; my fiancé is also very good at making friends. My dad tried to show me how a lady should be treated; my fiancé treats me that way. My dad encouraged me to chase my dreams and do whatever I wanted to do; my fiancé also does that.

I looked for a long time before I found a man who had all the character qualities I wanted in a husband… and had a nice beard too. With them both having beards, it only seemed fitting that I bought them matching Christmas presents this year from PrimitiveOutpost. I thought what better way than to make them feel alike and try to put my dad’s differences aside than buy them beard oil. Hopefully they’ll see the funny side of it!

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