Through My Daughters’ Eyes

One of the fun parts of having kids is seeing life through their eyes.  They have a new, innocent perspective on everything that often makes me laugh (or think really hard to answer a question).  On our recent trip to Alberta and back, there was lots of time in the vehicle for Sunshine to ask questions or comment on what she saw out her windows.  Here’s a sampling of our drive…

*   *   *

“Mom, we keep passing the same trucks!”  (After we’d leapfrogged a certain truck several times on the highway.)  “It’s the drip truck.”  (Then I had to explain to her why the company was called The Green Drop and why they’d have a big green drop on top of their truck.)

*   *   *

“Mom, this looks like a new road.”  (On the Queen Elizabeth II Highway, which was getting a badly needed repaving.)  “It’s pretty.  I like it.”

*   *   *

(Overheard as she’s playing by herself in the back seat.)  “I told my mom absolutely not, I can’t come over because I don’t know your names.”  (In a different voice.)  “Well, his name is Koo…”

*   *   *

On our drive home again, halfway through BC, Sunshine asked, “Mom, are we going back to Grandma D’s this trip?”

Me:  “No.”

“Why not?”

“It’s behind us.  Far away.”

“How many minutes?”

“Um… lots.”

“How many?”

(Thinking.)  “Six thousand.  No, 6,200.  Or thirteen hours.”

 *   *   *

Lily: “I’m going to have sixteen kids.”

Sunshine:  “You don’t know that until you grow up.”

*   *   *

My mother-in-law stopped at a corner store to take Lily potty.  After Lily had sat for quite a long time, my mother-in-law asked her gently, “Are you done yet?”  Lily gently responded, “You haven’t taken me off yet.”


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    I love kids’ funny comments! We bought donuts today, and after taking a look at my cherry cheese danish, my daughter said, “You got a healthy one!” Yes, except for the fact that the two main ingredients are butter and sugar! 😉 Both my kids make me laugh.

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