5 Essential Items to Have When Traveling with a Toddler

Packing all the essential items when traveling with a toddler can make a significant difference in the success of your trip. Traveling with young children can be both difficult and fun, as even the most ordinary activities can present new challenges. Planning out what you’ll need in advance is crucial to avoid unnecessary stress and difficulties. This article will cover the must-have items you should pack when traveling with a toddler.

5 Essential Items to Have When Traveling with a Toddler. Photo of mom and dad with toddler on a beach by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.


Toddlers are naturally active and curious and tend to get bored quickly, especially when confined to a small space for a long time. Therefore, packing plenty of activities to keep your little one occupied during long flights or car rides is important.

Consider packing books, coloring books, sticker sets, and safe toys to keep them engaged and happy on the trip. New toys are often great. I avoid toys with small pieces that may get lost along the way, but anything they can manipulate while sitting is great. Two children may be able to play dolls, puppets or cars on their seats together. Be creative.

Electronic devices are also a great options, as they can hold a variety of different games in a small space. I try to find educational apps for the kids so at least they’re learning letters, numbers or another language while traveling. Road trips are one time when my kids are allowed unlimited screen time.

Music and audiobooks are also great options. If you’re in a car, you can all listen together and sing along (every road trip is carpool karaoke for us!) or discuss the audiobook when it finishes. If you’re traveling in a plane, or have kids of differing ages who like different music and stories, you’ll want to pack some headphones as well as devices to play stories and music. My teen always has her own audiobook going.

Portable Car Seat

A portable car seat is necessary to ensure a comfortable and safe journey for your little one. A car seat is mandatory in most countries; it also provides your child with the necessary security and support during the journey. A lightweight and collapsible car seat can easily fit into your luggage and be used in rental cars, taxis, or flights. It is a convenient and sensible investment that can ensure your child’s safety and peace of mind throughout your travels.

You can also invest in accessories such as designer baby car seat covers for added comfort and style. This will make your toddler look extra stylish while protecting them from wind and cold during the trip. Choose a car seat cover with your child’s favorite cartoon character to make them feel even more special during their journey.

Snacks and Beverages

Packaging plenty of snacks and drinks ensures your little one stays hydrated and energized throughout the journey. I try to pack healthy snacks that are easy to carry and nutrient-rich (because it’s all too easy to find unhealthy snacks along the road!).

Include your toddler’s favorite snacks and a sippy cup or bottle of water to keep them hydrated. You may also want to pack some powdered formula and baby food for convenience if you cannot find suitable meals while on the road. It is essential to bring along all the necessary supplies to feed your toddler while on the go.

First Aid Kit

Investing in a small first aid kit when traveling with a toddler is a good idea. Toddlers are curious and like to explore; they inevitably end up with tumbles and falls. I have a small first-aid kit in my purse and a larger one in my vehicle and both have come in handy numerous times.

A well-packed first aid kit can help you deal with minor injuries, scrapes, and bruises and manage unexpected illnesses that may arise. It’s essential to check that the kit contains adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, sterile gauze pads, tweezers, fever medicine, and other necessary items.

A Bag with Essentials

It’s always a good idea to pack a bag with essentials such as an extra pair of clothes, wipes, any medicines needed, diapers if your child still needs them, etc. If you’re flying, you’ll want to make sure that your carry-on has anything necessary in case your luggage gets lost.

When we drive, I keep a bag like this near the top of the stack so that I can grab it in case of an emergency (like a child throwing up or not making it to the washroom on time). Even if your child is potty trained, take along a spare set of clothes as accidents can happen in new situations!

5 Essential Items to Have When Traveling with a Toddler. Photo of mom and dad with toddler on a beach by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.

It is important to note that preparing adequately will save you the hustle, helping you to enjoy every moment of your journey while keeping your little one happy.

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