Practical Tips to Plan an Affordable Kids’ Party

When planning a birthday party for your little one, the options are pretty much endless. However, if a budget restricts you, you might not be able to afford an extravagant Frozen-themed party with entertainers, party games, and a pricey cake. However, with these practical tips, you can plan an affordable kids party that everyone will enjoy.

Practical Tips to Plan an Affordable Kids' Party. Photo of birthday girl holding presents via Depositphotos.

DIY Decor

Party decor can cost a small fortune if you’re not careful. Even though each item will only cost a few dollars, the small costs will add up quickly.

Instead of buying or renting decor for the birthday party, consider purchasing a few craft supplies and making the decor yourself. You’ll find tons of easy-to-follow tutorials online to make virtually any kind of decor, from princess party decor to superhero decor and everything in between.

You can also look for party decor that is re-usable. For example, go with bold colours (rather than specific themes like superheroes or princesses) for banners, balloons, and streamers, and then carefully pack these away for the next party. Red and white can be used for a variety of parties, from fireman to superhero to Canada Day and more!

Host the Party at Home

Another substantial cost of hosting a birthday party is renting the venue. Even though a venue is the best option for a more extensive guest list, you can shrink your costs by hosting a smaller party at home. Your child may have a better experience with a few, close friends than with a huge party where he doesn’t have a chance to really connect with any of the guests.

When hosting the party at home, you can opt for unique backyard party ideas like an outdoor movie night, a backyard camping experience, or even a pool party. Some kids are more comfortable at home than in a new, strange environment, so hosting the party at home allows you to cater better to your child’s needs and wishes.

If you can’t host the party in your home, another affordable option is to have a birthday party in the park. We’ve done this frequently for my second daughter, whose birthday is in May. She’ll pick her favourite park for that year and we’ll show up early to get a good spot, then set up the snacks, games, and party decorations for her friends to arrive. A bonus here is that party decor is usually minimal!

Rent the Entertainment

While it might be unaffordable to hire entertainers like magicians or princess characters, you can still opt for an affordable bounce house water slide, an obstacle course, a jumping castle, and other entertainment rentals. These rentals will be the main attraction for kids at the party, so it’s okay to center your budget around this cost.

Prep Snacks Yourself

Professional catering for a party can cost quite a bit. Even though leaving the catering to a professional service is the more convenient option, you can save substantially by deciding to prep meals and snacks yourself.

There are many easy party snack ideas for kids, like mini sandwiches, little pizzas, tacos, veggie platters, fruit bowls, pretzel sticks, and other fun finger foods. You can even make many of these ahead of time and keep them in the fridge or freezer until the party begins.

DIY Party Favors

You won’t want to skip out on the party favors in hopes of saving some money because these gifts for guests are something all kids look forward to when attending a friend’s birthday party. These gifts say thanks to everyone that helped make the day memorable.

Fortunately, you can save on the party favor budget by creating your own gift bags. While you can fill gift bags with homemade treats like cookies, cupcakes, or other sweet treats, you can also add small toys. Some affordable options include cookie cutters, crayons packs, mini puzzles, keychain toys, and balloons.

Practical Tips to Plan an Affordable Kids' Party. Photo of birthday girl holding presents via Depositphotos.

Regardless of how tight your budget is, you can host a fun kids’ birthday party. Instead of overspending on the details, make your own party decor, prepare the snacks yourself, and host the party at home. Saving on these costs might even allow you to spend a bit more on renting entertainment, getting the perfect birthday cake, and finding the best gift for your child on their special day.

Photo credit: Depositphotos.

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