How to Keep Your Closet Looking Spotless

If you have closet in your room (whether walk-in or not), you are probably very familiar with how difficult it can be to keep it tidy. No one wants to be digging through a pile of shoes on the floor to find the right pair or finding smudges of make-up on the shelf. The closet can often be the messiest room in the house, but it is possible to keep your closet looking spotless.

If your makeup area and closet aren’t kept clean, that can make it difficult to prepare yourself each day. You can end up with hairs, dust, and other debris in your makeup or on your clothes. You may have difficulty finding exactly what you’re looking for at a crucial moment when you need it, especially if the clutter in your closet is getting out of hand.

All of these problems can be avoided if by taking a few simple steps each day to organize and tidy your closet. Here’s how to get started.

How to Keep Your Closet Looking Spotless. Photo by A65 Design on Unsplash.

Hidden Storage

My favorite place to store anything in any room of the house is out of the way. I like when I can look through my closet and see nothing but closed drawers or neat rows of hanging clothes. Everything else is hidden and packed away where it’s easily accessible but I don’t see it unless I want to use it. You probably already have some drawers in your closet for storing things, but I would suggest adding hidden storage where possible to keep things looking as tidy as you can.

You can do this by adding a rack to the back of your door for storage. You could also store things under your chair, creating a drawer or shelf there. If you have any tables in the room, you can add drawers or an under shelf to the table. If you have a closet, you can add extra shelves to the vertical space and make good use of it. These are just a few quick ideas to get you started with the idea of hidden storage and storing things out of the way for a more streamlined look.

Add a Trash Can

This may seem simple and obvious, but putting a trash can in a room where there isn’t one usually keeps the room tidier. I know some people have a tendency to put small trash out of sight rather than carry it to a separate room to put it in a garbage can. It’s simply convenient to have a trash can close by where it’s always accessible.

I suggest placing it in an accessible place in your closet. That way, when you toss clothes in the laundry bin, you can empty the pockets first. You can also put empty makeup containers and other trash from your makeup area directly into the garbage can.

Clean Frequently

No matter how tidy your habits are and no matter which room of the house we’re talking about, frequent cleaning is essential to keep the room looking neat, says Kayla from Bronx House Cleaning. I suggest breaking the cleaning up into daily and weekly tasks. How often you clean will depend on how often you use the room and how much you dirty it up. I run my robot vacuum through every room on a daily basis, and try to wipe down surfaces weekly.

When the cleaning gets out of hand and you can’t quite keep up with it yourself, you may want to hire professional cleaning services. It’s not a bad idea to have professionals clean the closets at least a few times a year to ensure a deep cleaning gets done.

Consider Changing out Cabinetry

Depending on what your budget may be, you might want to change out some of the furniture in your closet or bedroom for something that’s better suited to your needs. The furniture you currently have in the room might be too bulky and taking up too much space, and it might not be right for your needs.

I’ve changed our furniture slightly with each of our recent moves, as a move is a good opportunity to assess what’s working and what’s not and what will fit the new space. Even if you aren’t moving, it’s a good idea to take a look at what you have and what you’d love to have, and whether you can make that possible. Sometimes just shifting a piece of furniture from one room to another solves a problem. Other times, a new piece of furniture may meet a new need.

Maybe you have a makeup table and mirror that aren’t large enough to accommodate your makeup supplies. Consider changing these out for something that’s a better fit for you, even searching up secondhand furniture to get the right style, size, and storage for the room. I always think it’s so much better to have suitable furniture in a room than to try to manage suffering through working with the wrong furniture.

Out with the Old

Making your bedroom look tidy requires more than just the cleaning up any messes and making sure everything is organized. You may also want to spruce up some of your older looking items in the room or get rid of them entirely. Curtains that are looking raggedy and dressers that have scratches or peeling paint all over them may benefit from either being replaced or cleaned up a bit.

Consider whether or not some of the items in your closet are keeping with your current style or are clashing with some of the components of the room. Changing out old stuff with something new and improved can make a room seem brighter, cleaner, and neater. Items that are worn out, scratched, dented, or just dirty looking can detract from the room’s appeal and make things look messy even when you’ve tidied everything up. Take a few minutes to declutter and notice the difference it makes.

Your room should be a place where you can experiment with your fashion sense and try on new looks. If it’s messy and it’s not looking very sanitary, you may not feel like spending much time in there. A room that’s not kept tidy can feel oppressive and can increase your stress levels. That’s not what you want from a closet, so try implementing some of these tips to keep your closet looking spotless and see if they make a difference in how you feel about spending time in this room.

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