5 Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Did you do your spring cleaning? Don’t worry if you didn’t; it can be daunting when your home contains an abundance of clutter. Make it easier on yourself and use our tips and tricks for decluttering your home so that it can look lively again.

5 Tips for Decluttering Your Home

1. Create a Checklist

Having a checklist of every room in the home you plan on cleaning can help you plan out how many days you want to spend on this project. A list also gives you a visual representation of the work you need to do. And when you cross off an item on your checklist, you’ll feel such a sense of accomplishment. You can make your own list or find suggested lists on Pinterest.

2. Set a Timer

If the clutter is overwhelming, set a timer for 15 minutes and see how much decluttering you can get done in that time frame. Giving yourself a small window of time helps you focus your energy on the task at hand rather than overthinking all the work you need to do. In fact, decluttering offers many psychological benefits, and it can become a relaxing activity for you. You’ll also likely find that after you’ve decluttered, it’s easier to find various things you need.

3. Do One Room at a Time

Another tactic when you’re facing an overwhelming amount of clutter is to focus on one room a day. Dreading the tasks you still need to do only hinders your ability to declutter effectively. Going from room to room will make the event seem less tedious and help you build organizational skills. If doing an entire room at a time is too overwhelming, break that down into even smaller chunks, such as the dresser or the closet or even just one kitchen drawer.

4. Designate One Space for Clutter

Clutter is inevitable no matter how often you clean. To keep anxious feelings at bay, designate a spot in the house to put items that currently don’t have a home. This removes the items from overcluttered spaces and gives the objects a temporary home to put your mind at ease until you can find a spot for them.

5. Donate or Sell Unwanted Items

Don’t forget—instead of throwing away unwanted items, you can donate them to a charity or shelter or try to sell them. I have a box in the basement where I regularly toss something when I notice we’re not currently using it. When the box fills up, I may take a second look at the items before donating them, but often I find that if we haven’t missed it while it’s been sitting in the box, then it’s fine to give it away.

Another options is to sell items you are no longer using and make some money for yourself. For example, you could try selling things like your vintage necklace or your preowned engagement ring. There are numerous resale sites that will help you list your items and find the right buyer. Browse these sites to get an idea of how to describe and price your items and then give it a try. If the items don’t sell, you can always donate them.

You may be able to consign specific items at designated secondhand stores; for example, there are children’s consignment stores that will take your gently-used baby clothing and kids’ toys, or sports consignment stores that will take outgrown sports equipment. You can even earn extra cash by selling old jewelry you don’t wear. While you may make less on the items by involving a consignment store, it’s also less hassle to let them handle the sale and find the buyer.

It’s understandable if you don’t know where to start, but using the above tips and tricks for decluttering your home will help you turn around the mess in no time. Reap the mental and physical benefits of decluttering your home and make a habit of doing this a couple of times a year.

Do you enjoy or dislike decluttering? What tricks or tips would you share for decluttering your home?

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