The Best Fruit Trees To Plant This Summer

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with picking up your fruit from the grocery store, but it’s much more rewarding to grow it yourself. Gardening is one of the best summer hobbies to start with your family. Everyone will love the fruit that comes from your hard work and dedication. Discover the best fruit trees to plant this summer and start your gardening journey today!

The Best Fruit Trees To Plant This Summer.

Apple Trees

You can never go wrong with apples, and fortunately for you, they’re some of the easiest and most versatile trees to grow. In fact, you can grow apples in hardiness zones 3-9 if you choose the appropriate variety. Apple trees are relatively low maintenance once they’re mature, making them perfect options for busy families.

When I was a child, we had a large apple orchard and I have fond memories of wandering through the apple trees, swiping an apple from a branch, and having an afternoon snack as I played with my friend. Of course, we also had to pick all the apples, but then Mom made apple jelly, apple pie, and applesauce which we ate all winter long.

Peach Trees

Peach trees require less attention than many other trees, and they often produce fruit within the first year after planting. Although peaches are staples in the southern United States, you shouldn’t count them out if you live in the north. Plant them in a sunny spot and make sure they have plenty of water, and peach trees will produce a bounty of beautiful fruit!

It’s a good idea to research what plants you’d like to purchase before hand so that you know if they’ll work in your growing zone and how big they’ll get. ~ Christina from the DIY Mommy

Cherry Trees

With their beautiful fruit and flowers, cherry trees are some of the most enchanting trees you can grow. These trees not only produce plenty of fruit, their blossoms are also beautiful and fragrant in the spring. Here in Vancouver, we know warm weather is on the way when the cherry tree blossoms start blowing in the wind!

Cherries are easily some of the most low-maintenance trees, and the dwarf varieties are perfect for small yards or container growing. By following a few fruit tree planting tips for beginners, you and your family will be successful cherry tree gardeners!

Lemon Trees

Lemon trees are some of the best options to grow in a pot on your patio or inside your home. The bright green leaves and yellow fruit can bring a tropical touch to your home. Even if you live in a colder climate, you can have fresh lemons at your fingertips all the time! Your family will love the endless lemon possibilities, such as fresh lemonade and lemon-pepper chicken.

The Best Fruit Trees To Plant This Summer

Hopefully, this list of the best fruit trees to plant this summer will encourage you to start gardening with your family. Not only will you harvest your own delectable fruit, but you’ll also spend more time outside this summer. Take pride in your hard work and connect with nature as a family!

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