Sew-a-Saint Dolls teach sewing and faith!

Sewing is one of my favouri creative activities, though I’ve done it a lot less since having kids. There’s something relaxing and satisfying about watching a garment or project take shape under your hands. Now, my daughters also want to get creative with fabric and thread. I’ve been looking for easy yet practical sewing projects for them to create and fell in love with the Sew-a-Saint dolls from Faith and Fabric.

Sew-a-Saint dolls from Faith and Fabric teach sewing and faith!

Jen Frost is the creative mom behind Faith and Fabric. I chatted with her a few years ago about her blog and business. It has been fun, since then, to watch her add more products and projects to her store. She recently sent us a St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Sew-a-Saint doll for review. Sunshine couldn’t wait to begin sewing a saint doll!

I received one Sew-a-Saint doll for the purposes of this review; all opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links; as an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


Jen’s Sew-a-Saint dolls are super cute and super easy to make. The pattern includes a a fat quarter of fabric with the front and back of the doll printed on it, and instructions for sewing the doll. You’ll also need polyfill or stuffing to finish sewing the saint doll, as it’s not included with the pattern. I had plenty in my sewing bin from other projects.

Sew-a-Saint pattern for St Elizabeth Ann Seton

Simply cut out the saint doll following the lines, sew both sides together, stuff it, and have fun with your new doll!

Sunshine (almost 12 years old) has done several other sewing projects, including a dress for herself (with some help). She could have likely sewn this entire doll on her own. Jen even has an easy step-by-step tutorial on her blog. The Sew-a-Saint dolls would also be a great project for a child with no previous sewing experience.

Jade helped stuff the doll, with a little help from me, and then I stitched the bottom together. That was probably the trickiest part, as it can be hard to hold the fabric together while stitching the opening closed.

Sunshine sewing a doll for her siblings using a pattern from Faith and Fabric.

This simple doll has been a huge hit with Pearl and Joey. I knew Pearl would love having a new doll to play with. I didn’t expect Joey to be just as interested! Our St. Elizabeth doll can usually be found somewhere on Pearl’s bed… unless Joey gets into her room. Then he quickly scoops St. Elizabeth up, tucks her under his arm, and makes a beeline for the hallway.

3-year-old holding a St Elizabeth Ann Seton doll

I love seeing my kids get excited about the saints. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is one of our favourite saints and this doll is a fun way to teach Pearl more about her.

Jen has a huge selection of Sew-a-Saint dolls, including:

She’ll also do custom orders if the saint you want isn’t in her shop. These dolls would make a great gift idea for feast days and other special occasions!

2-year-old boy holding a St. Elizabeth Ann Seton doll among his diggers and dumptrucks

I’ve always loved to sew, and when it came time to teach my son some basic sewing skills, I couldn’t find many projects that fit what I was looking for. Some were too feminine, others too complicated. I had an a-ha moment one day while sewing the front and back of a purse: what if we created simple plush dolls that children could sew in the image of their favorite saint? This is how the Sew-a-Saint doll collection was born! ~ Jen Frost

More Faith-Inspired Sewing Projects

Jen has a host of other faith-inspired sewing projects on her site, for different liturgical seasons or feast days in the Church. If you enjoy quilting, she has quite a few quilt patterns. There’s also a Felt Bible Activity Book which I’d love to make for Joey, a set of grace placemat panels which Sunshine and I are planning to sew soon, a Jesse tree for the Advent season, and more!

If you like sewing and you’re looking for fun faith-inspired projects or great gift ideas, check out Faith and Fabric.

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