First Communion Stories, Tips and Gift Ideas for Children

Sunshine is receiving her first communion later this month. She’s spent the last two years in Catechism classes at our local parish, preparing for this day. As a convert, I also remember my own years of preparation before receiving. It’s been neat to watch her journey toward this. Over the last two years, I’ve noticed that she’s definitely grown in her faith, becoming more attentive at Mass and more interested in prayer and confession.

If you also have a child celebrating First Communion this year, here are some tips and stories from other Catholic moms. I’ve also compiled a list of gift ideas for your little communicant.

First Communion: Stories, Tips and Gifts

Tips & Advice

Preparing Your Child’s Soul—seven great tips for helping your child get ready for their First Communion.

Preparing Your Child At Home—one mom shares what she does to prepare her children at home for their First Communion (includes links to resources and a semester outline).

When Religious Education Programs Thrive, We All Win—why a great parish catechism program is so important for our children’s faith.

“The preparation for this day, the first Holy Communion of our children, should be a holy rite and duty for every mother. We can learn from the family of St. Therese of Lisieux how the older sisters saw to it that the younger ones were prepared sufficiently for their great day.” ~ Maria Augusta von Trapp, Around the Year with the von Trapp Family

First Communion Stories

Henry’s Second Communion—Rabia shares her son’s joy about receiving the Eucharist for the second time.

Letting Your Child Go With God—a beautiful post about receiving the Eucharist on the tongue.

Nostalgia, and How Time Really Does Fly—a Catholic mom shares photos and memories of her kids’ First Communions as her last prepares to receive.

Fourth Time Lucky—several pre-Mass disasters help this family focus on what’s important during their daughter’s First Communion.

First Communion Gifts

Instead of many worthless trinkets, one might buy a beautiful medal or a little cross for the child to wear, or a picture for his room, a reproduction of the old masters, or a beautiful statue. These are formative years, and it is our privilege to school the taste of our children, directing them away from the sweetish, coy plaster art, toward genuine art. ~ Maria Augusta von Trapp, Around the Year with the von Trapp Family

Bracelets—a great way to help your child remember this special sacrament.

Happy Saints eBooksthese adorable books include buttons, posters, cards, prayer cards, and colouring pages; your child can print, colour and display her favourite saints or do craft activities.

Dolls & Figurines—Precious Moments has a large selection of beautiful dolls and figurines to commemorate your child’s special day.

Saints and Heroes animated DVDsget a DVD about your child’s favourite saint or Catholic hero from CCC of America.

DIY Rosary—order a customized rosary for your child to make (everything is included in the kit).

Holy Heroes Spiritual Diary Setthis diary includes quotes, prayers, guide to confession, space to write, and more. Holy Heroes also has lots of other great Catholic gifts for children.

Blessed Immelda’s Eucharistic Miracle—share the story of Blessed Immelda, patron saint of First Communicants, with your children.

What tips or advice would you share for a child’s First Communion? What gifts would you recommend?

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