Is Your Family Legally Protected?

When my husband told me five years ago that he wanted to go to law school, I wasn’t really surprised. He’s always had an interest in legal matters, which has come in handy for us more than once.

Is your family legally protected?

Just before we got married, I moved into my first apartment. One day after work, when I was reheating leftovers for supper, the power went out. My landlord had to call in an electrician to get it fixed and attempted to blame me for the outage, saying I must have been running too many things at once. I’d had the microwave and the toaster on. He wanted me to pay the electrician’s bill, but my husband (then fiance) spent several hours reading the local tenant’s act and figured out that this wasn’t our responsibility. He then spent about an hour talking with my landlord, who kept going around in circles but finally realized my fiance had done enough research that we couldn’t be bullied. He gave up and we didn’t have to pay.

If, however, my husband hadn’t done that research, or I’d been single, that would have turned out very differently. My husband sometimes shakes his head at the legal documents I sign without reading, because legalese makes my eyes cross. That landlord could have probably made me pay for the electrician, because I wouldn’t have read the tenant’s act or known my legal rights—or had anyone to ask for help.

Cases like that are what make me think that LegalShield is such a good idea. There are many times in our lives when it could be handy to have a lawyer on call. However, for most of us, the idea of a lawyer seems frighteningly expensive. For an affordable monthly rate (like paying for car or medical insurance), LegalShield makes legal coverage affordable for the average family, so that things like dealing with landlords or phone companies don’t need to be expensive.

After one of our moves, our phone company tried to charge us for the new customer they’d given our number to. We found out about this after several months, because they managed to mess up our bills and send them to the wrong address. When we did finally get that sorted out to receive a bill, my husband asked me, “Who have you been calling on the East Coast?” Um, nobody. He then spent several hours on the phone with the phone company, explaining to them that they knew we’d moved because we asked for telephone forwarding for three months and also ordered internet service from them (so they had to deliver a router to our new address). Having LegalShield could have saved him some time, because he could’ve simply gotten our on-call lawyer to deal with the phone company instead.

Judy Reiman, Indepdendent associate with LegalShieldJudy Reiman is an independent associate with LegalShield who is currently sponsoring my #BloggersFete giveaway and took some time to explain everything that the plan offers. Just as having a dental plan gives you the freedom to book a dental visit for any teeth concerns, so having a LegalShield plan gives you the freedom to ask a lawyer any legal questions. The plan includes standard will preparation, living will, and power of attorney forms—important legal documents that every person should have.

Too often, we don’t think about legal matters until it’s too late. For example, my grandma is currently suffering from dementia, which has been steadily worsening. About a year ago, my aunt and my grandpa took her to the hospital for some tests. Her doctor recommended a certain procedure and attempted to explain to my grandma. That was when my aunt and grandpa realized two things: Grandma no longer has the attention span to understand what the doctor was explaining and agree to it, and they didn’t have power of attorney to help her make that decision. I’m glad they were able to fix that before Grandma’s health deteriorated too much further, but it just illustrated the importance of legal documents. Grandma and Grandpa both have wills but didn’t have other documents.

Judy’s LegalShield door prize of One LegalShield Family Plan for 2 months (including the $10 one time enrollment fee) has an estimated value of legal services between $800 and $2,000, depending on how many of the services are used by the winner. The prize winner and spouse (common-law partner) will each get a custom will and enduring power of attorney plus power of attorney for health care completed by our LegalShield law firms in the winner’s Canadian province of residency (BC, AB, or ON. The prize is also applicable if winner lives in California or New York.*

The winner and spouse will also get:

  • Lawyer phone consultations on any personal and business matters
  • Personal and business contracts and documents reviewed for legal advice. It’s especially important to have legal consultation prior to signing your signature to a document or contract
  • 24/7 emergency lawyer phone line if you are in a car accident, detained by police, or in a health/social services confrontation

Judy says, “Every family should safeguard their children, including handicapped dependent adult children, in case something unexpectedly happens to one or both parents. Be proactive and legally document who will have guardianship of your children, how they will be cared for, and how your estate will be distributed.”

Judy Reiman, LegalShield independent associate with Christopher Meyer and Joe Carangi from Watson Goepel LLP (LegalShield's BC. Law Firm Provider)

Judy Reiman, LegalShield independent associate, with Christopher Meyer and Joe Carangi from Watson Goepel LLP (LegalShield’s BC. Law Firm Provider) 

To enter to win the LegalShield door prize, drop by my #BloggersFete page. To find out more about LegalShield, drop by Judy’s website or follow her on Twitter.


* To see exact plan benefits for winner living in Canadian province of BC, AB, or ON, go to Judy’s website and select Canada. To see exact plan benefits for winner living in U.S. state of California or New York, select U.S. The winner can stop the plan at any time during or after the two months door prize duration. Provincial, state, and federal taxes are not included in the prize.

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