Lucy Kalantari’s Pockets Full of Joy CD

Last week, I headed out by myself for two evenings and as soon as I got into the truck, I thought, “Hurrah—time for some adult music!!!” Enough of the well-worn Disney CDs and other tapes the girls listen to until we all have them memorized. I knew exactly which CD I wanted to listen to: Lucy Kalantari’s collection of ukelele ditties with a 1920s flair, Pockets Full of Joy.

Lucy Kalantari's CD Pockets Full of Joy

Lucy’s music grabbed me from the very first track on the CD. “Pockets Full of Joy” is a mom singing to her newborn, “I give you hugs and tender lovin… I give you praise, my adoring gaze… and you, you give me pockets full of joy!” This song captures the experience of motherhood, how much we moms give to our children and what they give back to us. The upbeat ukelele music really complemented the idea of pockets full of joy.

“The Only Thing” and “Way With Me” are love songs about the magic of the connection between two people. Again, Lucy focuses on the little things that matter so much; instead of “diamond rings” and “all sorts of things,” she just wants “love and warmth at night” and the love he gives.

The last three songs on the CD explore the nuances of motherhood again. “Betta” made me laugh out loud with its cute lyrics about the way a baby puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, “’cause it makes me feel betta’, betta’ betta’ betta’.” “Wait and See” captures the joy of watching our children grow up and wondering what they’ll become, but we’ll have to “wait and see” to satisfy our curiosity about that. Finally, “A Fresh Start” encourages mothers to take a break and not let the past dictate the future: “It’s safe to walk away and just call it a day.”

Overall, I’m thoroughly enjoying Lucy’s CD. I know there are other songs about motherhood, but I appreciated the fact that Lucy has an entire CD that celebrates the small moments of life as a mom. This CD spoke to my heart and would be a lovely present for any mom you know. Lucy has a beautiful, throaty voice and a definite flair for pairing upbeat music with meaningful lyrics (listen closely to the songs or look up the lyrics on her website).

To have a listen for yourself, drop by Lucy’s website. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. Her CD is available from iTunes or Amazon (affiliate link).

I received this CD for review courtesy of the artist; all opinions expressed are my own.

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