Bona Takes Care of My Hardwood Floors

When we were searching for a new house to rent earlier this summer, one of the things that attracted us to our current home was the hardwood floors in every room. As renters, we’ve seen a lot of well-worn floors—and freaked out over trying to get spilled coffee or permanent marker out of the carpet. So I was really excited to have hardwood floors again. I like how they look and how easy they are to clean.

I still had some questions about taking care of my floors, like what’s the best way to wash them. So when I saw the Bona booth at BlogHer14 just a few weeks after we’d moved, I made a beeline over there. The mop caught my attention right away. It was big. Really big. With a lovely handle and a fun spray bottle and I couldn’t wait to try it out in my own home.


My mop arrived a few weeks ago. It required some assembly (which was pretty easy, once I took a look at the instructions on the box) and then I was ready to mop. The mop kit includes a microfiber mop pad and a bottle of hardwood floor cleaner. I eagerly eyed up the streaks, footprints and spills on my kitchen floor and then started spraying and mopping. I soon figured out that only a couple squirts of the cleaner would do an entire room. The floors looked polished and beautiful in almost no time at all!

With three girls around, I’ve found it’s hard to find a good time to clean the floors. Jade, at 18 months, is terrified of the vacuum and shrieks any time I bring it out, so I have to vacuum while she’s napping or riding in the Ergo. And attempting to tell Sunshine and Lily to stay in their room while I wash the floors does very little to prevent footprints across my clean floors before the floors dry—or girls slip on wet floors. The Bona mop solves both those problems. It’s quiet and easy to get out, and it doesn’t leave the floors wet for slips or footprints. I can mop a room in five minutes and they don’t even notice that I’m doing it.

For really dirty areas, the Wet Cleaning Pads are also great. Just stick them to the bottom of the mop and scrub the floor, then toss the pad. The microfiber pad can be used wet or dry (mopping or sweeping) and then thrown in the wash once it gets dirty.

Bona also offers products for the rest of your hardwood needs. I tested out the Wood Furniture Polish on all of our wood furniture. Maybe I’ve mentioned I like wood furniture too, and that my dad built some of my furniture. Since then, we’ve moved a lot. We’ve picked up other furniture, like some rocking chairs, second-hand. And we’ve had three girls, who leave fingerprints on the chairs and spills on the tables.

So all our furniture needed a bit of loving care, and it got that from Bona. I ran around the house spraying and wiping and I was amazed at how much better the furniture looked. Polished and sparkling. Much nicer than just wiping it with a wet cloth. And the anti-fingerprint guarantee? It’s true. I tried leaving fingerprints after I’d polished the rocking chair and there weren’t any.

To find out more about Bona products or about the benefits of hardwood floors and how to take care of your wood furniture, drop by the Bona website. There’s also a coupon on the website or if you sign up for their email offers, you can get a $10 off the mop and shipping!

Do you have hardwood floors or hardwood furniture? How do you take care of it?

I received these products from Bona for review; all opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links; as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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