Glittertastic Butterfly Craft for Creative Preschoolers

Lily recently had fun making a cute, “glittertastic” butterfly craft. She used two foam butterflies (we cut hers out from foam sheets, but you can also buy them pre-cut), a pipe cleaner, glue, and various sparkles and sequins for decorations.

1. Assemble art supplies.

an artist's tray with sparkle, pompoms, sequins, etc
2. Glue sparkles, sequins, pompoms, and googly eyes to the foam butterfly.

3. Clean up the mess once the butterfly is decorated to your preschooler’s satisfaction.

4. Glue the two foam butterflies together, with pipe cleaner antennae in the center.

5. Put the butterfly somewhere it can be admired.

If you are doing alphabet activities with your preschooler, this butterfly craft would be fun for “B is for Butterfly.” What sort of crafts does your preschooler like doing?

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