Letters of the Alphabet for Preschoolers: QRSTU

Our summer has been really busy, but we’re still working on learning the letters of the alphabet.  We went berry picking twice this week, dropped in at playgroup, visited a playground and more. I started each day with a few alphabet crafts to keep the girls busy while I updated my blog or got some housework done.  Here’s what we’ve done for the letters Q, R, S, T and U.

The Letter Q

I printed “My Itsy Bitsy Letter Q Book” for the girls to read and colour.

I also decided I would sew them crowns to go with their fancy dresses (on a princess/queen theme).  This took me a bit longer than I expected but they’ve had lots of fun with their crowns and with playing dress-up this week.  For an easier craft, I’d recommend making paper crowns for your little queens.

I also found a great letter pack for Q with several alphabet crafts in it, though we only did one.  I printed the letter Q sort for the girls and we cut out each of the Qs.  Then the girls glued the Qs into their books while identifying which was a big Q and which was a little q and which way up each Q had to be.  This let us talk about the fact that q, upside-down, looks a lot like p.

The Letter R

The girls painted a letter R with Q-tips and talked about both Q and R.  Lily really liked this and wanted to do another letter as well.

They also put Rapunzel stickers in their notebooks and asked if they could watch Tangled (she’s their current favourite princess).

And we made rainbow letters. I drew an R on the page for them, and they used their markers in various colours to trace around the R and make it into a rainbow.

The Letter S

S is for SUMMER (and we are loving summer here!).  I found some great foam summer stickers on sale a few weeks ago. Today the girls made some cards and posters with their stickers.

S is for SUMMER and other alphabet crafts for preschoolers

In the afternoon, we went to the splash park where Lily played on the swing and we talked about sunshine and splashing and swinging and sunhats and summer.

The Letter T

I’ve been looking forward to doing the letter T, because I knew exactly where I could find a lot of great ideas: author Janis Cox’s blog.  I browsed through the crafts and let the girls pick what they wanted to do.

First, they wanted to make an oobleck turtle.  This sounded quick and easy to me, so we did it.  I let them play with their oobleck on a plate and then they attempted to “mold” it on a piece of paper.

Sunshine tried to make a pink turtle and Lily tried to make a T (with help from me).

Oobleck turtles (and other alphabet crafts for preschoolers)

Next, they wanted to make a paper plate turtle, but this presented a problem.  I only had one paper plate.  So I suggested that they make a turtle using another T word: teamwork.  Together, they painted their turtle green and yellow.  Then Sunshine cut out a head, tail and legs for their turtle, which Lily glued onto the turtle.  Lily drew the face and they added their letter stickers to the turtle.

Paper plate turtle (and other alphabet crafts for preschoolers)

We finished by reading Tadeo Turtle.

The Letter U

I had no idea what to do for U, so I turned to my alphabet crafts idea-generator: Pinterest.  I hadn’t scrolled very far before the girls saw an idea for unicorn horns and wanted to make them.  I simply rolled a piece of construction paper into a cone, trimmed it to sit on their heads, and taped it shut.  They then decorated it with some sparkles/rhinestones they had from a craft kit and a card my aunt sent them.  (We recycle a lot around here—use old cards for new crafts!)  We tied a piece of yarn around their chins to hold it on their heads.

U is for UNICORN and other alphabet crafts for preschoolers

Check out the alphabet crafts we’ve done for the letters ABC, DEFG, HIJK and LMNOP.  Come back next Friday for the letters VWXYZ!

What alphabet crafts would you recommend for these letters?

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