Letter Activities for Preschoolers to Learn V, W, Z, Y and Z

Sunshine figured out this week that we’re on the last five letters of the alphabet. She thinks we’re going to start over again at ABC. I’m glad she’s having fun learning with our letter activities for preschoolers, but I think we’ve finished just in time to go on holidays. When we get back, I have a few activity ideas involving the whole alphabet to continue our homeschool preschool. And then it will be time for Kindergarten!!!

Letters of the Alphabet for Preschoolers: letter activities for preschoolers to learn the letters V to Z

Letter Activities for Preschoolers

Is this your first time here? You can also check out the activities we’ve done for the letters ABC, DEFG, HIJK, LMNOP, and QRSTU. This post contains affiliate links; as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

The Letter V

Now that we’re at the end of the alphabet, we’re also at the hardest, least-used letters.  For our letter V activities, I drew a large V for the girls to glue onto their paper as a vase.  They drew their flowers and leaves and stems, and I helped cut everything out so they could glue it into their vases.  Sunshine wanted to go pick some real flowers to put in a real vase, but we haven’t many around here that we could pick.

Letter activities for preschoolers to learn about V

Then we did a volcano experiment.  I’ve done this as a kid with just baking soda and vinegar, but I found another mom who suggested adding a few more ingredients. We put a cup in the bottom of the sink and I mixed up the ingredients, then had the girls watch while I poured them together.  They liked it so much we had to do it three times.

Finally, we talked about vegetables.  I found some pictures online of vegetables they could cut out and glue into their notebooks.  Lily is a big fan of vegetables (especially green vegetables—she doesn’t get that from me!).  Sunshine started spelling the names of the vegetables and I was impressed she knew all of the letters (with the exception of calling the “d” in radish a “p”).  Our summer activities are working!

The Letter W

Today we went for a walk with our wagon.  The girls finger-painted a letter W I found online (it had pretty polka dots and I was feeling too lazy to draw a W).  We talked about how words and writing start with W.  We read Bill Peet’s The Wump World and pretended to be wumps calling “wump wump wump” to each other.

My husband found a second-hand Leap Frog Word Whammer, which Sunshine had a lot of fun playing with.  Of course the first word she made was “Way,” which is also our last name.  I showed her how to make “why,” her current favourite word.

I also found a really cute Little Letter W Book which I printed for the girls.  It has several W rhymes in it and they really enjoy rhymes.

The Letter X

If you’ve got a xylophone, you’re set for this letter.  We didn’t, so I changed strategies and thought about words that end in x—like box and fix.  I had two large, flat boxes I gave to the girls to decorate and use as their art boxes.  Hopefully this will give them a place to keep the art that they’re making at summer camp or in our letter activities.

We also used the Word Whammer again.

The Letter Y

I had the girls go through their stickers looking for yellow things (like Belle’s dress).  They stuck their yellow stickers in their notepads and used yellow markers to draw Ys.

The Letter Z

Z is for Zoo, of course!  Thanks to my aunt, we have a large selection of zoo books, so we read If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss, Let’s Go to the Zoo, Lift the Flap Shadow Book At the Zoo, Z is for Zoo, and Zoo’s Who?

Check out the activities we’ve done for the letters ABC, DEFG, HIJK, LMNOP, and QRSTU.

Have you worked on teaching your children the letters of the alphabet? What letter activities for preschoolers have your children enjoyed?

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