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Alissa Bjorn is a good friend of mine from my homeschooling days.  She asked me to help with a cause very close to her heart and in turn, I asked her to write something to share with you.

I want to share with you today about something very close to my heart. It is about life, about tiny lives that are lost. Sometimes a life is taken from us when we would give anything to keep it, yet sometimes we give up that life without even giving it a chance.

Two months ago my daughter Grace was born. She was perfect! Tiny little hands, eyelashes and a heartbeat. She wrapped her hand around the tip of my finger, and kicked her daddy when he tickled her foot. She was precious, and she was small. Grace was born at 23.5 weeks along in my pregnancy—about 17 week early. Yet she had a chance! If it hadn’t been for the complications of an infection she might have lived.

Since that time my heart has been heavy for all the mothers that choose to give up their child. Did you know in Canada you can abort up until 9 months? In fact, only in Canada and one European country is this even legal. Check out this very sad but clinical overview.

So many young mothers have been lied to, told that each baby is simply cells, without a soul until an undefined time, usually thought of as birth. Pregnancy Care Centers around the world are trying to change that. They are trying to help new mothers understand the incredible gift they have been given by counseling them and encouraging them.

The Kamloops Pregnancy Care Center has helped over 300 women in the past 3 years, and all except for three girls have chosen to carry to term. This is an incredible ministry, changing the lives of so many women and infants! To do this requires money, however… but I am not asking you to give any. The Kamloops PCC has been nominated for Joey’s Only Community Revival Contest, and if they receive the most votes by the end of November they will win $25,000!

Can you imagine the impact that money could make? Anyone can vote from anywhere in the world. The life of a small child is bigger than a city, bigger than our country! So in memory of my daughter Grace I am asking you to vote, and share with those around you. Right now our votes can seriously save lives. Not often you get that chance. Thank you so much for your time, and thank you KBW for allowing me to share.

God Bless, Alissa Bjorn

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