Packing Up and Moving Out

With our moving date a week from today, everyone keeps asking us, “Have you started packing yet?” Nope. I’ve had other things to work on—a baptismal dress to sew, a party to plan, a newsletter to edit, and the usual household tasks to accomplish with a toddler and a baby. The packing will happen sometime—when my husband gets home from work or when my aunt and mom come to help at the end of this week.

After three moves in the last four and a half years, it’s getting to be a bit old hat. Pack the books first; there’s a lot of them and they can get packed anytime. (When we lived in the city, one of my friends came over to help me pack, because Sunshine was a newborn at the time. She spent all afternoon stacking books in boxes and, after several hours’ work, couldn’t believe that all she’d gotten packed was books.)

There Are Many Things I Didn’t Even Bother Unpacking This Time

My good china and dishes stayed in their box, though I had to pull them out when we hosted Thanksgiving dinner. Most of our pictures are still boxed; why hang them for less than a year? University textbooks also stayed packed; now, as I look at them, I wonder why on earth we kept them. Nobody uses textbooks after they leave university (though both my parents and my husband’s dad still have their textbooks too).

I’ve been doing more decluttering with this move, taking things to the thrift store. Books I don’t want, toys Sunshine hasn’t played with, baby clothes that neither Sunshine nor Lily wore, things I never use. In some ways, moving lots has made that easier: I know what we haven’t used since the last move. I sold our elliptical machine, since we rarely use it and it takes up a lot of space in a moving trailer. It’s amazing how much “stuff” we collect.

Maybe I’ve put off moving because it is such hard work. We knew this place was a temporary stopping point, and in many ways, we haven’t settled in here. We haven’t unpacked, gotten involved in the community, made friends. I’m looking forward (despite the work!) to settling into our new place, to volunteering at church and the university, to building a new community there. (And I’m trying not to think of how much more work moving will be when we’ve been in one place for four years…)

If you’ve moved recently or frequently, do you have any tips to pass on?

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