TiniBag: a handy, versatile lunch bag for kids

With two teens attending high school and three homeschoolers with regular out-of-the-house mid-day activities, we now spend a lot of time around here packing lunches. (Not having to plan packable lunches used to be a perk of homeschooling, but now I find myself regularly eyeing the grocery shelves for lunch on the go.) With so many lunches getting packed, I was delighted to have the chance to review a TiniBag—a new lunch bag for kids on the go.

TiniBag: a handy, versatile lunch bag for kids.

I received a TiniBag in exchange for this review; all opinions expressed remain my own. This post contains affiliate links; as an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

The TiniBag is a versatile, multi-function, personalized lunch bag for kids. It has easy connect straps that are adaptable to both children and adults and can allow the user to carry the bag in three different ways. It’s lightweight and designed to stay upright when you put it down (who hates having their lunchbag fall over on a dirty floor or crowded table?).

Testing out a New Lunch Bag for Kids

I had my younger kids in mind when I agreed to review the TiniBag. Although they only pack their lunch about once a week, I thought this would be a great way to encourage them to take more responsibility for packing their own lunches. We received the black and green TiniBag (it comes in four cool colours) with two patches to Velcro to the front for personalization (a fox and a dino).

School lunch ready to be packed in a small black-and-green lunch bag.

No sooner had my 14-year-old seen it than she claimed it for her own. The TiniBag disappeared into her backpack and went off to high school with her each day. If it didn’t fit inside her backpack because she had a large ball of yarn there for a particular crochet project, then she used the adjustable straps to attach it the outside of her backpack.

(If she had a matching Tinipak backpack, then the TiniBag would clip neatly to the straps on her backpack and she could carry her lunchbag in front and her backpack behind. If your child has troubles fitting their lunchbag in their school backpack, check out the Tinipack modular system—it’s pretty cool!)

Teenager heading off to high school with her TiniBag attached to her backpack.

The TiniBag lunch bag for kids has zippers on both sides, with an easy-to-clean plastic liner inside. There’s a small top pocket that can hold the extra buckles for the TiniBag or be used for small snacks or utensils. This pocket is the perfect size for the girls’ folding cutlery, if their lunch requires a knife and fork.

Mom putting a set of folding cutlery in a small pocket on her TiniBag.

While the straps are small, they can be used to carry the TiniBag on its own. My younger kids don’t usually have any other bags to take along when we are going out for the day, so one of them will carry the TiniBag like a backpack. There’s a pocket on the side of this lunch bag for kids for a small water bottle. (I’d like it to be a bit taller as we have some tall water bottles, but it fits the shorter water bottles that my youngest two kids use.)

Girl wearing a TiniBag on her back as she heads out the door for homeschool activities.

More Features of the TiniBag

Did I mention this lunch bag for kids is super easy to wash? The inside is plastic so I can just wipe it out with a cloth if anything gets spilled there. Most times, the kids just shake the crumbs out over the sink, but occasionally it needs an extra wipe. The zipper that opens up on three sides of the bag makes it not only easy to pack, but also easy to clean.

Mom wiping out lunch bag.

There’s a zipper on the other side of the bag as well, so you could pack your lunch in two separate areas (maybe a mid-morning snack and a later lunch?) or pack lunches for two kids (as I often do). Another option would be to put an ice pack inside one zipper and then pack your lunch on the other side, knowing that the ice pack is completely separate for the lunch if for some reason it happens to leak (yep, it’s happened to me).

Noodles and apple packed in a lunch bag.

Whether you’re packing a lunch for yourself, your teen, or your child, the TiniBag is a versatile lunch bag that offers lots of space for one lunch (or several) and different options for packing and carrying your lunch.

Get Your Own TiniBag

The TiniBag launched on Kickstarter. For more details about this great lunch bag for kids, visit the website or follow TiniPak on Facebook or Instagram.

TiniBag: a handy, versatile lunch bag for kids

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