A Day in the Life of a Homeschool Mom Blogger

I’m often asked “How do you do it?” meaning, I suppose, blog, homeschool, and mother four kids. There are days when I wonder that myself but most days we have a good routine that keeps everyone happy. So today I thought I’d give you a peek into a day in the life of the Koala Mom.

A day in the life of a homeschool mom blogger

A Day in the Life of a Homeschool Mom

7 – 8 am: Wake Up

Sometime between 7 and 8 am, Pearl wakes up, ready to play. She currently sleeps in a play pen beside my bed. Sometimes I can convince her to play with a few toys there for a few more minutes. More often, Jade appears (sometimes already dressed) to play with her little sister.

Then I get the baby dressed, help Jade dress (if necessary), help Jade get breakfast (if necessary), and find some toys for Pearl to play with while I have a shower.

8 – 9 am: Breakfast

After my shower, I feel like the day is rolling. I get myself breakfast and tell Sunshine and Lily (who are probably reading or playing now) to get dressed and come get their breakfast. I usually have to repeat this a few times, as they will be busy with a book or a game. Finally, I tell them I’m going to start school as soon as I’m done making my coffee, so they better dress and eat quick.

Catholic Sistas coffee mug being filled with fresh coffee - the perfect start to a day in the life of a mom blogger

9 am – noon: School

Coffee in hand, I grab my school planner and take a look at our day. On Mondays, this means spending a bit more time planning our week (particularly history). I pull out Sunshine’s and Lily’s handwriting, spelling and language workbooks, open them to the right page, and leave them on our homeschool counter for them to do during the day.

Organizing your homeschool with a planner: a sample page from my planner (a day in the life of a homeschool mom)

I start our school day with history and science, because these subjects usually involve us sitting on the couch reading together. Jade may or may not come join us. Pearl either plays on the floor, on my lap, or in her exersaucer.

After reading, I’ll transition to a math lesson with either Sunshine or Lily. Whoever isn’t doing math can work on her workbooks or take a break (read a book, go outside, etc.). When I finish math with one girl, then I call the other to come do math.

Our homeschool room


In between doing school with Sunshine and Lily, I try to find some preschool activities for Jade. Pearl goes down for her nap between 10 and 11, giving me some quiet (baby-free) time to do lessons with the girls. She’ll usually sleep until noon or 1ish.

Afternoon: Lunch and Extracurricular Activities

Around noon (or when the girls say “we’re hungry”), we’ll find or make lunch. This is pretty casual; often we just grab sandwiches, make a smoothie, or cook some macaroni. Sometimes we have leftovers. If they want a snack in the morning or afternoon, I encourage them to get a piece of fruit.

Most of our school is finished by noon. In the afternoon, the girls practice their music (violin for Sunshine, piano for Lily) and we have our extracurricular activities (gymnastics and dance this year). I like to plan out-of-the-house activities for the afternoons to keep mornings free for school and evenings free for family.

Sunshine playing violin

If we aren’t out and about, afternoons are when I blog and do housework. The girls are usually playing or reading or watching a movie, so I get my “me” time here. Sometimes I check email quickly in the morning while they are doing their workbooks. My computer is close to the table, so I can quickly jump back to help them with a tough math problem or answer a question about spelling.

5 – 8 pm: Supper and Bedtime

Around 5 pm, I’ll start supper. Usually I try to pull out some meat in the morning and think about what I’m cooking in the evening. My husband gets home from work around 6 pm and we eat.

We might have time for a board game, bike ride or walk, or short movie before starting the girls’ bedtime routines around 7 pm. I try to have them in bed, lights out, by 8 pm. Then hubby and I get some time to spend together before we head to bed.

And then we start it all over again the next morning… 🙂

So that’s a day in my homeschool blogging life!

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