9 Items Every Mom Should Have In Her Diaper Bag

Packing the diaper bag has no universal checklist. Creating a checklist tailored to your needs is a fantastic idea. From child to child and from mom to mom, each diaper bag will have its own uniqueness in accordance to necessity and personality.

There are some obvious and standard items even inexperienced moms will know to have at their disposal. However, some items will only be added to the list of diaper bag must-haves upon experience. To cut down on future inconvenience, here’s a list of 9 items every mom should have in her diaper bag.

9 items every mom should have in her diaper bag

#1 Diaper Duty Supplies

You should take one diaper per hour you plan to be away. Wipes have endless uses so an abundant supply of wipes will serve purpose for your many needs throughout the day. Diaper changes can be a messy job and having an ample amount of wet wipes on hand is a must. Sticky hands, dirty surfaces and small messes can be cured with wipes too. A small jar of diaper rash cream is also handy, as you never know when a diaper rash will develop and it’s best to treat it early.

#2 Hand Sanitizer

Not only will you be glad you have hand sanitizer for yourself, you will be happy you have it readily available to offer to those intrusive baby touchers who will ask to look at your super cute baby and reach out to touch her soft skin or hair without realizing it. If you are new to this, you will be surprised at how many lookers are actually touchers (especially elders)!

Most wipes are not antibacterial, so you’ll also want hand sanitizer for yourself and your toddler after you’ve been out in a public area or at a park for the day.

#3 Plastic Bags

Whether you equip your bag with a few plastic bags leftover from your grocery store trip, disposable diaper bags or even doggie doo-ty bags from your local dollar store, you will always find a need within a day for this item. You can bag soiled diapers, clothing and blankets to keep them apart from your clean supplies when accidents arise.

#4 Bottles and Sippy Cups

If your baby takes a bottle, pack one, even if you think you’re only running out on a quick errand. Especially with babies, appetites can arise without being scheduled just as bowel movements do. Often times the two go hand in hand!

By sippy cup age, kids can talk up a real storm—or a drought rather. If your child is of sippy cup age, keeping one on hand for a quick sip of water is a must!

#5 Snacks

Having snacks appropriate to your child’s age and a couple extra bibs is a good addition to your supply list. Snacks are comfort items, such as a jar of your baby’s favorite food, teething cookies to soothe sore gums and maybe even just a bag of multigrain crackers that either you or your child may enjoy. Keeping a snack for both you and baby is a good idea since a day out with the little ones can work up a bit of an appetite.

#6 Extra Clothes

Keeping an extra set of clothing is a golden rule not only for baby, but for mommy as well! Spit up has no true destination. It can strike at any time and has no consideration of your plans. It is always wise to pack yourself an extra shirt as well as a change of clothing for your little one in case you find yourselves on the receiving end of spit up.

#7 Sunscreen

No matter what climate you live in, your baby’s skin will be sensitive to the sun’s rays. In case you end up outside longer than expected or that overcast is run away by a sunny day, you will want to protect your baby’s delicate skin. With heightened awareness to the dangers of the sun, you may consider rubbing a dab on your own nose and cheeks.

#8 First Aid Kit

You can get compact first aid kits that fit into a diaper bag perfectly at just about any store or supermarket. Having a first aid kit is handy just in case your baby, you or someone around needs medical aid.

#9 Nursing Covers and Breast Pads

Although anyone else’s opinion of public breastfeeding does not matter, you may want a nursing cover for your own comfort. Having a cover also helps soothe your baby. The cover dims the light for your baby’s little eyes while they feed so they can relax and focus on the primary objective: eating.

This one by CheekyTummy doubles as a car seat cover as well. (You can sign up for a 10% discount on your first purchase too!).

Your Diaper Bag is Ready!

Besides your list of emergency contacts and your camera, these nine things should get you by on a day out with your little one. Making sure your diaper bag is equipped for the challenge helps create a smooth day for both you and baby. Days out make the fondest memories but only if the day does not turn into a disaster because you forgot to pack the essentials.

A day of fun can be best enjoyed without having to scramble for supplies or make due with what you can find in your bag. Without the right supplies and enough of them, your outing could be cut short. To make the most of your mommy and baby time, have your diaper bag checklist handy. Packing your bag with the main components the night before will also provide you an easier time getting up and out in the morning.

If you have the diaper bag ready to go, all you will need to do is go over your checklist, add your last minute items, get yourself and your mini ready to go and last but not least, make sure you are wearing matching shoes! If you have passed this test, you should be on your way to a fun filled and prepared day.

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