Make Plant Markers

This is an easy little craft that can be used for either indoor or outdoor plants. My aunt complained one summer that she needed flower markers to put with the bulbs she put in during the fall, because by spring she couldn’t remember where she’d planted them—or what they were. These markers also look pretty in a houseplant, especially if you are giving it as a gift.

Make Plant Markers for indoor or outdoor plants

Supplies needed (affiliate links):

Lily gluing plant markers together

Lay newspaper or scrap paper down to protect the workspace from glue. Have your child match each flower cutout with a craft stick and glue it on. Wait for the glue to dry (probably overnight).

We did this craft while making our craft stick bird feeders and picture frames, because the girls were having so much fun gluing things together. And because it’s hard to wait for the glue to dry to start the next step…

Lily painting her plant markers

Once the glue is dry, lay down paper to protect the workspace and assemble the painting supplies. Have your child paint the plant markers. While they are painting their plant markers, they could also paint a plant pot to go with it.

When the paint is dry, apply varnish to protect the markers from water and rain.

Painted plant markers, made from craft sticks and wood flower cutouts

The plant markers could be given to a gardener as a set, to place in their outdoor flower beds and mark where different flowers are planted. Use a permanent marker to write flower names along the craft stick on the back of the flower.

Or you could put the plant markers in a houseplant to give away to someone. Use a permanent marker to write the flower name on the plant marker, or write a note about the occasion for which the plant is being given—”Christmas 2015″ or “Congratulations!”

Cost: $5

Difficulty: easy (suitable for ages 2+)

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