Paint a Plant Pot

Painting a plant pot is an easy, inexpensive craft. The plant pots can then decorate your own house or be given away. We painted pots for my houseplants so I used regular acrylic paints; if you want to paint outdoor plant pots, I recommend using an outdoor-grade paint or varnishing your projects when finished.

Painted plant pot with an aloe plant in it

Start by covering the work surface with newspapers. Gather supplies: pots, paints, brushes, palettes (I use a plastic lid from the recycling), smocks or old T-shirts to protect kids’ clothes.

Houseplant pots ready to be painted, with paint palette sitting nearby

You’ll notice that Sunshine and Lily planted their pots with plants in them. This was because I had several houseplants with plain, undecorated pots that I decided they could paint. It would be easier if you started with the pots and then put the plants in after painting, but the girls did fine doing it this way too. (No plants were harmed in the making of this craft!) So if you also have some plain pots around the house… let the kids decorate!

Lily painting her clay plant pot (with spider plant inside)

Jade painted a clay pot while Lily and Sunshine both painted plastic pots. Either works equally well, so use whatever you have on hand or find on sale. I’d already planned to give this aloe plant to a friend, so she’ll get it in a slightly fancier pot than before (and Sunshine is excited to give her artwork away with it).

Cost: $5-20 (depending on pots, paints, plants, etc)

Difficulty: easy (suitable for ages 2-7)

Sunshine painting her plastic plant pot (with an aloe plant)

Painted plant pots would be great gift ideas for:

  • house warming presents
  • Mother’s Day
  • grandparents or aunts
  • teacher appreciation

Take it further:

  • Buy potting soil and either seeds or plants to replant in your pots (if they don’t already have plants in them). Kids will have fun planting their new plants and watching them grow.

Supplies needed (affiliate links):

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