HemoClin: an easy-to-use, effective hemorrhoid treatment

The birth of a new baby is a wonderful, miraculous event. I’m always amazed when I think about everything my body does over 9 months to grow a baby and then, during the hours of labour, to push her out into the world. So many incredible things happen during that time, which is also hard on a woman’s body. And sometimes, there are unexpected side effects after.

I remember having no stomach muscles after Sunshine was born. Even coughing was almost impossible. Nobody warns you about these little things, like how hard it is to sit down for a few days after giving birth or how the lack of sleep you got during the last month of pregnancy is nothing compared to the lack of sleep with a new baby. After Lily, though, I faced another problem: hemorrhoids.

These nasty little things aren’t really talked about much, but they can a super pain in the ___ (to borrow a cliche). Hemorrhoids affect about 50% 0f the population (both men and women). We all have hemorrhoidal cushions, which swell to ensure proper closing after pooping. However, when the blood vessels in these cushions swell because of extra pressure or weakened muscles, then pain results.

Hemoclin gel treats hemorrhoids.I mentioned them to my midwife at one of her postnatal visits and she recommended a product to me. Going to the drug store to find it was a bit embarrassing, however. Especially when the drug store didn’t have the product on their shelves and had to order it in. (That’s when you really hope for a female pharmacist…)

Recently, I heard about a product that helps with hemorrhoids and similar issues. HemoClin is a revolutionary product that is set on easing butt hurt for anyone dealing with hemorrhoid pain or anal discomfort. HemoClin is a clear water-based gel that delivers no pain, no mess, and no stains.

Hemorrhoids can be caused by constipation, nutrition, pregnancy or obesity, lack of exercise and other factors. Taking steps to prevent hemorrhoids is a good idea. For hemorrhoids caused by pregnancy, however, you simply have to treat them until your body heals following baby’s birth.

HemoClin works fast and effectively by providing a cooling relief from anal discomforts. This is achieved with a patented 2QR complex Bio-Active blocker derived from the Aloe Vera plant that works with the body’s natural bacteria. I use my Aloe Vera plant regularly to treat a variety of skin ailments, so any product that also uses this miracle plant always catches my eye.

HemoClin doesn’t kill all bacteria “down there.” It blocks “bad” bacteria from doing harm and lets “good” bacteria do its work. There is no negative impact on your body’s own cells. HemoClin accelerates the natural healing process, helping your body to repair the damage. There are no known negative side-effects.

Plus, you can order HemoClin discretely online, saving that embarrassing visit to the pharmacy! It’s also available at Walmart, Rexall, Save-on-Foods, Shopper’s Drug Mart and IDA. I’d suggest doing that a month or so before baby’s due date, just to be prepared!

HemoClin has helped me with both post-partum and pre-natal hemorrhoids. I’ve found that, with my later pregnancies, my hemorrhoids started hurting even before baby was born. Sometimes just growing a baby can cause pressure in unexpected places in your body. Keeping HemoClin in my medicine cabinet ensures that I don’t need to worry when that familiar pain begins again.

Hemoclin - cooling relief from haemorrhoids and anal discomfort.

If you’ve suffered with hemorrhoids, I have a few more Tips for Treating Hemorrhoids.

Have you experienced hemorrhoids around pregnancy and childbirth?

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