Couples Massage is Easy with the MELT Online Video Course!

Back in our first year of marriage, we saw a couples massage course at a local college. We both thought it would be a good idea but couldn’t fit it into our busy schedule. Ever since then, we’ve kicked ourselves for not making it work, because we’ve never seen another course like it. Until now.

Melt: Couples Massage is an online series of videos that teaches you how to massage your spouse. Denis Merkas says he created these massage routines to woo his wife into dating him (looks like it worked!). Since 2006, he and Emma have taught couples these techniques in live workshops across Australia. This year, they launched the video series so you can learn how to massage at your own pace and in your own place. Perfect for busy couples like us!

MELT: Couples Massage video course by Denis Merkas

I heard about Massage for Couples on Sheila’s blog and didn’t have to think twice about buying it for the incredible discount offered. I couldn’t wait for a free night with my hubby to try out the videos. We’ve tried to give each other massages over the years… I love having my back and legs rubbed, and after a stressful day at work, he’s often asked me to rub his neck or pound his shoulders. We knew it could be better, but we didn’t know how to get to better.

Denis’ videos changed all that. In a romantic Aussie accent, he explains everything you need to know to start massaging. Turns out we’d been doing it all wrong! Changing position and adding some oil to the massage made an enormous difference. Plus Denis’ tips for how to touch and stroke made each touch and stroke so relaxing and comfortable.

Each video is fairly short, meaning you can spend as long or short as you want on the massage. The videos cover the routine from multiple angles, with lots of tips for getting it right, so it was super easy to follow (even if you’ve never done anything like this before).

MELT: Couples Massage video course by Denis Merkas

I love the fact that this couples massage routine gives us a way to focus on each other and give to each other. This felt like quality time together, even when we weren’t talking. Denis suggests making a playlist to listen to while massaging each other, and I think that’s a great idea—we’ve got some favourite songs from when we were dating that would be fun to listen to while we’re doing this. This is another way that I can speak my husband’s love language in a way we both enjoy.

If you do happen to live in (or visit) Melbourne, Australia, you can catch Denis and Emma at a live workshop. They also have a set of three ebooks available.

Get the MELT videos on sale!!!

Melt is hosting a special invitation-only sale on their videos AND their new massage oil. You can get the Melt MasterClass series plus the Bonus Foot Rub Videos for only $99. If you buy the Melt Massage oil, you’ll get an extra 20% off the Valentine’s Day Bundle. Everything you need to start giving each other massages, right away.

How the Valentine’s Day invitation-only sale works:

  • register for the sale (there’s no obligation to buy) BEFORE February 7, 2018
  • receive an exclusive price on the oil bottle – it’ll never be this cheap again!
  • review the oil on Amazon and get 20% off the Valentine’s Bundle – SAVE $44
  • offer ends February 14, 2018 or if bottles sell out

31 Days to a Happy Husband

I bought the MELT couples massage videos for a discounted price, but I think they’re so awesome I wanted to share them with you. (The no-brainer massage pictured above was amazing!) As usual, all opinions expressed are my own.

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