Give Her a Foot Rub for Valentine’s Day

Men, I want to talk to you for a moment about what your wife wants for Valentine’s Day. I’ve got good news for you, because my gift idea doesn’t involve standing in line at a store. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your house! You can buy it in less time than it will take you to read this article. (Yes, it does involve a foot rub, but I guarantee you’ll both love the MELT Massage for Couples classes I want to tell you about!)

Learn how to Give Her a Foot Rub for Valentine's Day

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A Decade of Valentine’s Days

You see, my husband and I have been together for more than a decade of Valentine’s Days. He used to get me flowers. I don’t like flowers. They look pretty for a few days. Then they turn brown and die and get stinky and I have to throw them out and I don’t like them because they are brown and stinky and so I ignore them and they get even browner and stinkier. But he got me a gift, so I didn’t want to say “I don’t like it.” I finally did, and he stopped buying me flowers, and we’re both happier.

In ten years of Valentine’s Days (plus anniversaries and Christmases and birthdays), you can use up a lot of gift ideas. He’s gotten me books and movies and a Jeep TJ and more. As I look back on the years of gifts, I’m starting to realize that the ones I really appreciate are the ones that involve spending time together. Things are just things. They take up space in our home (okay, except for the Jeep). Memories, however, last forever and build our relationship.

Shared Memories Matter

The Melt Massage Class is one of those memories we’ve shared. This online couples massage class taught us how to massage each other. I gotta say, I love a good foot rub, or a leg rub, or a head massage, or a back massage, or… well, you get the point.

MELT Neck Massage

Denis Merkas is a professional massage therapist and he teaches couples how to do all the massages. So whether your wife loves a foot rub or a head rub, Denis will teach you how to do it so that she’ll melt.

Melt Massage Keeps on Giving!

The Melt Massage videos are a gift that keeps on giving. Unlike Valentine’s Day flowers, the massage courses will last longer than a few days or weeks. You can give it to her again and again and again. (And she can give it back to you!) This is especially great if her love language (or yours) is either quality time or physical touch, because you’re spending time together touching each other!

A Valentine's Day gift that keeps giving (man massaging his wife)

One Important Massage Accessory

Denis Merkas has also developed his own brand of massage oil. In his videos, he talks frequently about the importance of using the right oil for massaging. Honestly, it makes a big difference! We’ve tried massaging each other without oil and with the vegetable oil I keep in the kitchen, and I gotta say… get the right oil. (You can go to Amazon and order the melt massage oil right after you sign up for the Melt Massage courses.)

About the Melt Massage oil:

  • Professional grade massage oil
  • This is the same oil Denis has used for the past 17 years!
  • 8 oz bottle available
  • 16 oz BULK PACK – includes bonus 4 oz (empty) travel bottle
  • 3 bottle caps included – for travel, home, quick access

MELT Massage Oil

Buy Your Melt Couples Massage Class Now!

Melt Massage for Couples has an Annual Membership and also Lifetime Memberships, for couples who value physical touch as their love language. I recommend looking into these packages as they’ll save you money in the long term. Drop by the website to view all of Melt’s Online Couples Massage Class options. Grab your oil bottles and videos. And surprise your wife this Valentine’s Day. You’ll both have fun with this gift for years to come.

What Valentine’s Day gifts has your wife loved? Have you ever tried a couples massage?

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