Five Tips for Spring Cleaning

The magnolias are blooming, the sun is shining, classes are almost finished… and my house is filthy dirty.  Time for some spring cleaning to commence!!!  I’m actually a neat freak, so spring cleaning doesn’t terrify me.  I like seeing my house get clean (there’s something particularly rewarding about cleaning a dirty house).  Despite that, the tasks can seem daunting at times, so here’s my tips for tackling those chores…

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

1.  Make a list.  Look around at what needs to be done and make a list.  That way you can check items off the list and feel like you’re accomplishing something.  This also helps me stay on track… and if I’m cleaning one thing and notice something else that needs to be done, I can add it to the list (rather than getting distracted).

2.  Tackle one job at a time.  Don’t expect that the spring cleaning is going to take a day, especially if you have small kids in the house or another job.  I try to set a goal of doing one job per day, or even one part of one job (like wash the walls upstairs) per day.  Give yourself a couple weeks (or all of April) to finish your to-do list.

3.  Make it fun.  Turn on some music or an audio book while you work.

4.  Get the children helping.  If you have kids, get them involved.  My girls will help me dust or wash walls.  They want to do what Mommy is doing!  You might have to set some ground rules, though (like NO ONE washes the walls after Mommy has!) or do a little bit of teaching before getting started.  Or it may be more fun to clean while they are at school or out with Daddy, so you can work in peace and quiet without little ones interrupting.

5. Find natural cleaning products. I think this is important for the usual weekly cleaning chores, but even more important when you are doing a lot of extra cleaning.  You don’t want to be coughing and wheezing from spraying cleaning products or dealing with dry, cracked hands because of harsh chemicals.  I recommend Norwex for chemical-free cleaning (if you can find a rep).  I also try to get my cleaning products on sale, but the up-front price of Norwex products saves you money over time because you don’t have to keep buying cleaning products.

How do you tackle spring cleaning?



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    Hi, nice to meet you:) I like cleaning… when I’m done;) I like your suggestions to get some structure and also make it a bit more fun, now i just have to get to it!

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    I love cleaning, too! But I approach it like a monkey swinging on vines through the jungle: “Time to clean the oven. First I better put away this thing. Oh, look, there’s a cobweb. And now I see how messy my broom closet is….” I appreciate your tips on how to not get distracted! Thanks!

    Nan a.k.a. Granny Fabulosa

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