Earn Extra Cash Selling Diamonds Online with Luxury Buyers

As Christmas approaches, many of us are watching our budgets and trying to think of ways to earn extra cash. I have friends who do craft sales or sell baked goods. Some of my fellow bloggers are creating gift guides or writing extra posts. All of these ideas take time, however—and time is often short around the holidays. An easy way to earn extra cash before Christmas is to sell diamonds online.

This is a sponsored post; all opinions expressed remain my own.

Earn extra cash by selling diamonds online at Luxury Buyers

Luxury Buyers is a website that buys high-end luxury goods like jewelry, diamonds, watches, and hand bags. You could try consigning items like this locally or selling them on a regular buy-and-sell website, but you’ll get more money for them through Luxury Buyers. Plus, Luxury Buyers makes it easy to sell your high-end goods online.

I have quite a few pieces of jewelry that I rare wear. Most of them are pretty, but have no sentimental value for me—I can’t even remember how I got them! I’ve often wondered about selling them, but I didn’t know where to do that. If you also have unused jewelry sitting around, consider doing some decluttering this Christmas and making money for it. (Hang onto family heirlooms, of course, but maybe that necklace from an old boyfriend should move on.)

Earn extra cash by selling high-end bags on Luxury Buyers

Women are notorious for liking bags. I’ll admit that I do have quite a few bags in my closet—and I’ve often drooled over other bags at the mall. None of my bags would be considered high-end, however, but maybe you have a luxury purse or shoulder bag that you just aren’t using anymore. If you’re carrying a diaper bag these days instead a designer handbag, help that handbag find a new home—and buy something special for your kids or hubby this Christmas.

This Christmas, see if you can find some extra money in your closet. For more information about how, drop by Luxury Buyers today. Their team of experts is waiting to assess your high-end luxury goods and help you earn money fast.

Earn extra cash this Christmas with Luxury Buyers

How do you earn extra cash around Christmas? Have you ever tried selling diamonds and other luxury items online?

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