When would my child need to see a chiropractor?

Chiropractic treatment is a viable treatment option for people of any age, particularly because the treatments chiropractors offer are medication-free, non-invasive, and, more importantly, safe. Adverse reactions to chiropractic care are extremely rare. It has been suggested that chiropractic care is one of the safest treatment alternatives available for children as far as treating a wide range of conditions and an excellent tool for managing pain. Learning how to treat children is also an integral part of the training that chiropractors receive, and some of them choose to specialize in the pediatric area.

When would my child need to see a chiropractor? Photo of drawing of a spine and other bones by Joyce McCown on Unsplash.

How young can chiropractic patients be?

Even young babies can benefit from chiropractic treatment. This is because the treatments only involve a gentle massage and spinal manipulation that, more often than not, go unnoticed by these young patients. Any pressure that might need to be applied is carried out by the soft, trained hands of a chiropractor. In general, chiropractic treatment is relatively safe for a young infant. However, to avoid taking any risks with your young child, receive treatment from reputable, well-trained chiropractors.

When should infants visit a chiropractor?

Many chiropractors consider birth to be a traumatic experience for a delicate spine, which can lead to some illnesses in childhood. Pediatric chiropractors are trained specifically to perform effective yet gentle manipulations and adjustments on these young bodies to aid in the restoration of normal bodily functions.

You can check out this local Panama City Beach chiropractor who provides chiropractic care to infants, toddlers, and children of all ages. The gentle treatments they offer may help alleviate a variety of conditions that infants and children commonly suffer from, such as colic, acid reflux, ear infections, and sleeping problems.

What conditions does a chiropractor treat in children?

Chiropractors can play a definitive role in the treatment and care of infants. This is evidenced by the fact that they have successfully treated underdeveloped digestive tracts, trouble with infants not latching to their mother’s breast or being unable to breastfeed, and reflux. Other common childhood problems that can be assisted by chiropractic care include ear infections and misaligned spines. Ridding a baby of these issues gives them the best chance to thrive.

Other reasons to visit a chiropractor with a child include:

Easing Colic Symptoms

Several reasons explain why a baby may develop colic symptoms. The main one is simply a gastrointestinal system that has not yet developed properly. Although this condition is present in many babies, it can result in bouts of pain and unease. This makes a baby fussy and prone to cry a lot.

Its origin may be a misaligned spine, affecting intestinal functions. Taking a fussy baby to a chiropractor will help them correct their spines and stimulate the natural movements of their little bodies, also helping in the circulation of liquids and gas.

Help with Post-Birth Recovery

A baby born through natural childbirth may experience pressure on its little spine. This act may result in nerves and joints that are injured. It is expected that most infants are well equipped to deal with this stress, but others need chiropractic care to heal and recover. A chiropractor can alleviate the pressure on their spines and abdomen by performing a simple adjustment, allowing the digestive and nervous systems to work as they should.

Talk to Your Chiropractor

If you are looking to improve the overall function of your child’s body, ensuring they experience their best health, talk to your chiropractor about the symptoms affecting your child. They will prepare a customized treatment plan to get your child in optimal well-being.

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