Make Your Indoor Days Colorful: Best Crafts For Lazy Weekends

Sometimes we long for those lazy weekends, but then we remember that the kids will go stir-crazy without entertainment. Well, there are a few ways to get around the problem. You can keep kids active and have a little fun yourself.

As Craft Whack shows, there are a lot of ways to get young minds interested. Many of these feature colorful, fun kinds of activities that get the creative juices flowing. They aren’t just fun for the kids. Bigger folks secretly like them too.

Best Crafts for Lazy Weekends.

Reclaim Stuff in New Ways

For many people, it’s hard to know what to do with old stuff. We have it in our garages, lofts, basements, and even strewn about in the garden: wooden crates, old suitcases, rusted bicycles, and all the rest.

While it may not always be possible to reuse them for their intended purpose, they can be made pretty again. Some brightly colored paints can vivify even the rustiest old object and turn it into an eye-catching feature.

Reclaim old stuff in new ways, like these bike wheels hanging decoratively on a wall. Photo by Laker from Pexels.

Give Life to Tired Clothes

Making a weekend project of sorting through household clothes can be a great idea. Some old clothing you might choose to donate to charity, while other articles could probably use a dye-job or be repurposed into something else. In this area, there are loads of ways to go.

Tie-dyeing is often the first choice here since it’s so fun to do. Getting the kiddies to gather around the bath or a large bucket to dye old clothes is going to while away an afternoon very easily. Then you also have the results to admire!

Craft idea: tie-dye old clothes.

If you’re not keen on going full-hippie on all the clothes, you could set aside some items for more sedate dyeing. Older kids might learn a little something in this way, and your worn old shirts might get a new lease on life at the same time.

Before or after dying the clothes, you may want to make them into something else. An old pair of pants can become a shoulder bag. Worn-out parts of the garment can be cut out or cut off, so that pants become shorts or a shirt becomes a vest. Maybe a larger garment is re-made into a smaller garment for a child.

Papier Mache is Always a Winner

It’s a staple of the kindergarten class, but not many folks try it at home. It’s a pity because papier-mache is genuinely awesome. You can make almost anything you want and then apply any paints that take your fancy afterward.

It would be wise to select a good place to do it since it’s a messy process. It’s the messiness that makes it popular with young children, so lay down some towels if you’re going to be indoors.

There are many recipes you can try for this little project. The great part is that it’s a project with two halves. Once you’ve allowed it to dry and set properly, then you have the painting to do. That works well for a Saturday and Sunday activity!

Craft idea: papier mache is always a winner. Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels.

It’s notable just how bright colors can change things up and how children will naturally be drawn to these colorful activities. Whenever I pull out something creative, whether it’s just my pencil crayons and colouring books or the sewing machine and fabric, my kids want to be involved. Add some colour, have some fun, and try repurposing some old junk or reclaiming your favorite jeans with your kids!

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And while these activities may seem creative and relaxing and entertaining, the truth is that your kids are also learning. Creativity is a great skills. Reusing old items (and reducing what we throw away) is always good. And being able to adapt and problem-solve as they craft and create are life skills that will serve them forever. So pull out the paints, the fabrics, the paper or whatever else is in your craft box and hobby kit, and have some fun this weekend!

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