Coffee: A Mom’s Best Friend in the Morning

My husband jokes that he’s responsible for my caffeine habit; I tell him it’s the girls’ fault. Before becoming a mom, I was an occasional coffee drinker. Now, my morning starts with a latte, brewed on my home espresso machine. So I agree with Sarah that coffee can be a mom’s best friend in the morning.

One of the most important jobs you can ever have is being a mother. For many, motherhood will be the most challenging, yet most rewarding journey they will embark on. Many moms wear many hats, including teacher, nurse, cook, and driver. The list can certainly go on and on. And in today’s day and age, many moms manage all of these responsibilities while also juggling a full-time job. That is why coffee can help you successfully manage these responsibilities and build a happy and healthy family.

Coffee: a mom's best friend in the mornings

The thing about coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks for adults, especially for moms who can never take a day off. Coffee comes in a variety of types of roast including light and dark roast. This comes from the roasting process itself. A dark roast means a bean has been roasted longer until it is dark or almost charred.

A darker roast will have a more bold and intense taste compared to a lighter roast, or a bean that is lighter in color. Lighter roasts have a milder taste and color compared to darker roasts. In addition to the type of roast, there are also different types of beans such as espresso beans.

There is not much difference between coffee and espresso beans except that espresso beans are usually sold as a darker roast. Espresso beans are also usually ground to a much finer grind so that they will be more compatible with the way espresso is brewed. You should choose the type of roast or bean to suit your taste preferences.

Coffee can improve your mood and wellness

Whether you choose a dark or light roast or prefer an espresso drink, coffee can help you manage your busy lifestyle and make it easier to build a healthier family.

A cup of joe can help you wake up and stay more alert, making it easier to get a jump start on the day. It contains about 200mg of caffeine that acts in the brain to prevent the chemical signals that make you feel sleepy. As a result, it can help you feel more awake and help you be more productive throughout the day. It can also help you remember things better.

As a mom, you are constantly juggling several things at once. The caffeine in coffee can help you remember and accomplish everything that you need to do. Additionally, the aroma itself and the warm drink can help improve your mood, boost your metabolism and make you feel more relaxed.


Enhancing your coffee’s taste

If you do not prefer to drink your coffee black, there are several ways you can make your coffee taste better. You can add sweeteners and spices, such as vanilla or cinnamon, to enhance the taste and make it taste less bitter. You can also try adding milk or creamer. Just be aware that adding too much sugar can have counter-productive effects as it may make you feel tired and sluggish.

You should also consume caffeine in moderation as too much of it can make you feel jittery or unwell. The last thing a mom needs is to feel too sick to take care of all the things she needs to.

So remember that coffee can be your best companion to help you accomplish everything that you need to do while building a healthy and productive life for you and your family.

Guest blogger SarahSarah started We Dream of Coffee in the hopes that more people will discover its hidden benefits. Now it’s all out in the open, but her work still isn’t done on her blog.

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