Start a New Tradition with a Personalized Christmas Book from I See Me!

Christmas traditions are a big part of what makes the holiday season special and memorable. When I was growing up, my mom only bought Mandarin oranges around Christmas because that’s when they were cheapest. Today, peeling an orange still brings back memories of Christmas (even if I’m eating it in the summer!). Other families have special traditions around their Nativity set or Advent candles.

If you don’t have any Christmas traditions yet, start some this year! A great way to do that is with a personalized Christmas book from I See Me. These books put YOUR family into classic and original Christmas stories.

I see Me Personalized Christmas books

We have a big stack of Christmas books I pull out at the start of Advent. The girls love reading them for the Christmas season, and then I put them away for the next year. This year, I decided to add some new books to our collections—books just for us! I can’t wait to share these books with the girls.

The Way Family’s 12 Days of Christmas

This personalized Christmas book puts your family members into the classic poem—with a few twists. The pictures feature adorable little bears and other animals decorating their Christmas tree. The family’s names are woven into the story, as well as featured in the pictures on packages, ornaments, ribbons, and more.

The Way Family's 12 Days of Christmas

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” is one of our favourite Christmas songs. We often end up singing it on our drive from Vancouver to Alberta and back. This year, I’ll pack this book and we can sing our very own version of the song!

I’m sure the girls will have fun finding their names on each page. Most of the pages had 3 spots to put names (beside the name in the story). Because we have four girls (I didn’t put Mommy and Daddy’s names in the book but you could!), there’s always three out of four of them featured on each page.

Pearl’s Very Merry Christmas

Even though this is Pearl’s second Christmas, it feels like her first because she was only a month old last year. She got to preview her Christmas book, because she won’t remember it. This adorable board book is just the right size for babies, with sturdy pages inside. And Pearl loves books! She sits and flips pages often, in both board books and regular books.

Baby girl reading a Christmas board book

Pearl’s Very Merry Christmas features an original rhyming story with beautiful illustrations. Pearl really enjoyed looking at the pictures and flipping back and forth through the book.

This book also includes a sheet of personalized stickers matching the book. These will make wrapping presents for Pearl easy this year! Because the stickers are so pretty, I think I’ll also save a few to put on presents she receives.

Jade’s Christmas Snowman

We’re still in the middle of a Frozen crush over here. In fact, the girls were just dancing to the music the other day. Jade is a huge fan of Olaf, so this book about a Christmas snowman seemed perfect for her!

Jade's Christmas Snowman - personalized Christmas book from I See Me!

Here on the West Coast, we don’t get snow very often. The girls are hoping for snow at Grandma and Grandpa’s when we go back for Christmas this year. I suspect we’re more likely to have good sledding snow than good snowman snow, but we can always hope! Either way, this story will provide some fun memories for Jade this Christmas.

Jade’s book also comes with a personalized Christmas ornament. The ornament features pictures from the book with your child’s name and the year on it in a sturdy silver frame on a red ribbon. Another great memory for the Christmas tree!

Order YOUR Personalized Christmas Book now!

I See Me has several other personalized Christmas books. Pick a book to fit your child’s interests and personality, add their name to it, order, and have fun reading throughout this Christmas season—and many more to come!

I received these books for this review; all opinions expressed are my own.

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