10 Common Health Problems and How to Prevent Them

For every person who happens to enjoy a long life full of unhealthy choices, there are thousands more who sicken and prematurely die because of them. Happy and healthy longevity is never a guarantee. However, there are many health problems that are easily preventable. If you make healthy choices and try to escape unwanted ailments, you’ll more likely be able to enjoy a happier, longer life.

10 Common Health Problems and How to Prevent Them

Here is a quick snapshot of 10 common health problems and how to prevent them.

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1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

With so many people working in tech-related industries, it should be no surprise that carpal tunnel syndrome is on the rise. This is a painful health issue that can cause near-debilitating symptoms including full numbness and loss of strength in an afflicted hand.

Thankfully, it can be prevented by simply practicing good forearm and wrist posture in dexterous-centric tasks and implementing frequent breaks.

2. Sleep Apnea

Victims of sleep apnea tend to experience extreme insomnia, wake up throughout the night, snore very loudly, and stop breathing for short periods. All of these greatly impact a person’s ability to get a good night sleep. Sleep apnea can also cause other health problems as well because of the reduced oxygen the person receives when they stop breathing.

Sleep apnea can be prevented and existing symptoms can be reduced with appropriate weight loss, avoidance of caffeine and alcohol in the evening, and regular exercise. For severe cases of sleep apnea, talk to your doctor about getting a c-pap machine.

3. High Blood Pressure

The two leading causes of high blood pressure are family history and obesity. However, even those most susceptible can help reduce their risk by keeping a low-sodium diet and talking to a doctor about developing a good exercise routine. Natural supplements may also be able to help you improve your digestion and metabolism and manage your blood pressure.

High blood pressure can further lead to heart failure so it is important to monitor and maintain a healthy blood pressure. Do your research and learn more about HFrEF vs HFpEF to be prepared in case of any potential heart problems. Knowledge will help you figure out what to do and when to call for help.

4. Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the number one cause of death in the United States. It also happens to be one of the most preventable. A 2008 study found that men who never inhaled a cigarette lived an average of 10 years longer than men with a heavy smoking addiction.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve smoked, if you quit now, the experts say you can expect to enjoy a significantly reduced risk of lung cancer and a longer, healthier life.

5. Gum Disease

Quitting smoking will do more than just prevent against lung cancer. It can also help reduce the risk of gum disease. Smokers and people with diabetes are at a much greater risk for gingivitis and more pronounced periodontitis. Other good prevention techniques include regular flossing and brushing.

6. Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is most generally caused by extended, unprotected exposure to the skin. However, with the proper application of sunscreen and use of a hat and sunglasses, most people can safely protect against this threat. You should also see a dermatologist if you notice anything unusual; for example, mole removal may prevent a mole from becoming cancerous.

7. Heart Disease

This term covers a range of heart-centric disease, including coronary heart disease, infections, and arrhythmias. Preventative measures include a cessation of all tobacco products, a diet low in sodium and fat, and plenty of aerobic exercise.

8. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

IBS is not a deadly condition, but certainly an uncomfortable one. IBS is generally associated with food intolerances and thus the best way to prevent against it is to monitor which foods cause the condition to worsen. Probiotic supplements might also assist in reducing symptoms.

9. Osteoporosis

Hunched backs, recurring back pain, and sensitivity associated with osteoporosis are all largely prevented with the right behaviors early in life.

Doctors recommend those at risk ensure they are consuming sufficient amount of calcium and are regularly undergoing weight-bearing physical activity to keep bones strong and avoid fracturing.

10. Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is largely preventable with a strong defense of a healthy diet, exercise routine, and healthy weight. Being overweight, or obese, has been shown to be the single biggest indicator of a person’s likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes.

Although health problems are not always unavoidable, you can take measures to prevent them as best as you can. By taking on board some of these tips, you’ll also be improving your overall day-to-day wellness. 

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