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For Sunshine’s Kindergarten year, we enrolled her in a Catholic school in Victoria, BC. Lily (then three going on four) attended a daycare next to the school, and my husband and I took turns watching Jade (just a baby) and going to classes. Sunshine was super excited about school, especially her school uniforms, and knew several of the other kids in her class.

As August approached September, I was a bit less excited about her school uniform. Sunshine has always been petite; she’s inherited my skinny build. She and another friend of hers were the oldest and smallest girls in their Kindergarten class. This made it really hard to find uniforms that fit her. I quickly gave up on the skirt and pants; instead, Sunshine wore a jumper, which hung from her shoulders and didn’t have to fit her tiny waist. A friend gave her some shirts and we managed to piece together a couple uniforms by the time she started classes.

Now, I’m planning for Sunshine’s Grade 3 year. She still has one skirt and shirt from her Kindergarten year hanging in her closet, and occasionally wears them to church. We don’t have a dress code for our homeschool, but sometimes I miss the days when Sunshine got up and knew exactly what to wear. She was proud of her school uniforms and she and her class looked so cute together in matching outfits.

If you have a child entering private school in Vancouver this year, I recommend checking out Bravo Apparel for school uniforms. Last month, I talked about their sports apparel and showcased the personalized jerseys they sent me. This month, we’re focusing on school uniforms (because you are thinking about September in this June heat, right?). Bravo sent me a custom polo and cardigan with my logo embroidered on them.

Bonnie Way wearing a green polo with the Koala Mom logo on it from Bravo Apparel

One of the things I’ve loved about working with Bravo Apparel is the personal approach they take to all their business. It’s been great having Marco’s recommendations and advice in choosing apparel. For example, he’s been able to tell me whether heat print or embroidery would be best for the garments I’m picking. This month, I originally picked a grey polo and a dark grey cardigan—until Marco pointed out that my logo is grey so it wouldn’t show up.

A grey cardigan - suitable for a school uniform - with the Koala Mom logo on the chest

For these two pieces, Bravo Apparel was able to change my logo slightly to make it work. On the green shirt, we used my standard logo but made the leaf grey (like the koala face) instead of green. On the grey cardigan, we used my white watermark but made the leaf green. So no matter what your school’s logo looks like, I’m confident that Bravo Apparel can help you find the right way to put it on your child’s school uniforms.

The Koala Mom logo on a polo and cardigan - school uniform style from Bravo Apparel

Sizing is still important, whether I’m ordering garments for myself or for Sunshine. While I had the chance to visit Bravo Apparel a couple months ago, I’ve ordered all of my garments online. Once I’ve picked the right apparel, I check out the sizing charts to see what size to order. So far, I’ve found the sizing charts easy to figure out and all the garments I’ve ordered have fit perfectly.

The Koala Mom green polo with a logo in the sleeve

This month, Bravo Apparel is hosting a fun Ugly Uniform contest on Facebook. The winner will be rewarded with a FREE set of uniforms (12 pieces) for a fresh new look. To enter this contest from June 13th to June 20th:

  1. LIKE their Facebook page to get notified when the contest starts!
  2. POST a picture of your staff wearing your current uniform
  3. SHARE the Facebook contest

Say no to ugly school uniforms with Bravo Apparel

I received the polo and cardigan pictured here from Bravo Apparel for this post; all opinions expressed are my own. All photos taken by Sunshine.

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