Can Good Air Help Your Kids Get Good Grades?

Here in Vancouver last fall, we had several air quality warnings because of forest fires nearby. It made me more aware of how blessed we are to have good air to breath. As this infographic from uHoo shares, clean air is so important for our children.

The air we breathe is something we often take for granted. We readily assume that everything is fine because it seems or feels fine. Little do we know that there may be those small things in the air that we breathe that actually affect our health and our development.

Studies have shown the quality of air people breathe affects their work and their productivity. Those are adults whose immune systems have already developed. What about our children? Air actually affects them too, maybe even more because they breathe in more air and their bodies have not fully developed yet.

Check out the infographic from uHoo below to understand how the air our kids breathe affects their grades and also their development. It also has some great tips on how to have good air at home and help our children grow up healthy.

Can Good Air Help Kids Get Good Grades?

Check out uHoo to learn more about how you can create a better atmosphere at home for your child’s education and help them get better grades.

Do you live in an area where good air is a concern for you or your kids? Have you used products to help create better air in your home?

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