What I Learned About Life From My Grandchildren

As a mom, I’ve often noticed how much I learn from my children. As Tandy Balson shares here, even grandchildren have a lot to teach us!

What I Learned about Life from My Grandchildren

I gave birth to two wonderful children who, between them, have blessed my husband and me with seven grandchildren.  The more time I spend with my grandchildren, the more life lessons I learn from them.

One of these lessons came when we decided to pick up donuts as a treat for two of them.  We offered a choice of several flavours.  Our granddaughter chose one with pink icing and sprinkles and was very happy.  Our grandson chose one that looked good to him but he was disappointed. What we didn’t know until he bit into it was that there was jelly inside.

This taught me that sometimes I’ve made choices based on what looks good on the surface. Without all of the information needed, things haven’t turned out as I planned.  Sometimes the surprise is a treat and other times a disappointment.

Another time I was pointing out grasshoppers to my three youngest granddaughters.  Two of the girls were excited and kept looking for more.  The other one complained that she couldn’t see grasshoppers; all she could see were bugs.  Nothing I said could convince her that these bugs were the grasshoppers.

This made me think about how often I’d missed the wonder of something new because I couldn’t see past my perception of what I thought it should be.  Life’s adventures can only be experienced if I open my heart and mind to accept and receive them.

My husband and I took two young grandchildren to the playground.  Soon they joined with other children to enter into their own fantasy worlds.  We watched as one became a superhero.  Another waved an invisible magic want to make it rain cookies for those around her.  They were completely unconcerned about anyone watching them.

At one point in life I must have had the same creative imagination.  I wondered where and why it disappeared.  Perhaps it was when I became too concerned with what others thought.  In striving to be like everyone else, I gave up the freedom to dream about who I could become.

One of my granddaughters was completing Kindergarten and invited us to come to her “Congratulation Day.” We laughed at her choice of words but realized later how appropriate they were.  The purpose of a graduation ceremony is to present certificates, awards and offer congratulations.

This experience made me realize how important it is to recognize and celebrate achievements.  What may seem insignificant to one person may be a milestone to another.  The milestones in my life will not look the same as yours.  Each small step I take enables me to take another.  As these steps accumulate, I’m able to reach goals and dreams that wouldn’t be possible if I stood still.  Therefore I need to celebrate these steps.

These are but a few of the lessons my grandchildren have taught me.  I know if I pay attention there is much more to learn from them.

Tandy Balson is a mother, grandmother, friend, volunteer and observer of life.  She is the author of Inspiration From The Everyday and Dragonflies, Snowdrifts & Spice Cake.  Tandy also blogs twice a week and is a sought-after inspirational speaker.  Find out more at her website.

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