Life as a Mom of Three Little Girls

Bonnie with her hair in a bunYesterday morning, I put my hair into a bun.  When I told the girls they needed to come do their hair, Sunshine said, “I want a bun too!” and Lily echoed the sentiment.  Twenty minutes later, Sunshine had a bun to match mine and Lily had two little ones (which made my husband say she looked like a giraffe) and we headed off to church.

A typical morning in our house involves the fashion show as they get dressed (and my occasional attempts to explain “matching” to them) and then a trip to the “hair salon” of Mommy’s room.  Lily usually wants two French braids and Sunshine prefers a simple pony tail.  In a few years, I imagine, they’ll be doing their own hair—and mine.


I confess I’m thoroughly enjoying having three girls in the house.  When we go out—to the grocery store, the post office, church, or the park—Sunshine and Lily often get smiles as they trot beside me and chatter at each other.  Then the person looks at the car seat or at Jade in my arms and I see the question in their eyes: “Boy or girl?”  “Three girls,” I say with a smile and get a smile in return.
I am loving the fact that Sunshine’s hair is long enough to play with—when I can talk her into sitting still long enough for me to do something with it. Here’s a few of my attempts at various hair styles:

Four different hairstyles in a brown-haired girl's hair.
Jade is four months old now and continues to be an easy baby.  She is smiley and happy and loves to interact with people, which makes me wonder if she’ll be a social butterfly like Sunshine in a few years.  She’s already sleeping quite a bit in her crib and last week I got her into a bit of a naptime routine.  She loves standing up on my lap (with me holding her, of course) and looking around.  Yesterday she rolled from her back to her tummy for the first time, and she’s rolled front to back a few times.  She’s starting to hold toys, which Sunshine and Lily think is great—they love handing her more toys to hold.

Activities for Girls

As the weather has turned nicer here, the girls have been painting outdoors again. I put them in their smocks, give them some paint, and let them decorate a big box on our patio. It keeps the mess outside and keeps them busy, so everyone is happy!
Two little girls painting outside on a box in green smocks.
Last week, Sunshine and Lily did a sports camp together; next week, they are doing a dance camp together.  As I watched Lily run off to play at the sports camp with barely a goodbye to me, I found myself marveling that she was the same little girl who used to howl if I left her behind.  I find it fun that she and Sunshine can do a lot of the same things together this summer—and most days, they play really well as well, making me smile as I listen to the stories they tell with their Little People or ponies or stuffies.

Life with three girls is a constant adventure.  I’m having fun doing crafts this summer with Sunshine and Lily and hanging out at the parks and beaches.  It’s exciting to see each of them growing and learning and doing more than they could do yesterday.

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